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XMedius Provides Secure, Enterprise-Grade Communications Solutions

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Secure File Exchange and Communications solutions

XMedius is a leading global developer of enterprise-grade Unified Communications and Secure File Exchange solutions. Through on-premises or cloud deployments, our solutions allow companies to build a seamless IT environment and safely exchange vital and sensitive information.

XM Fax
fast, simple and secure fax

XM Fax solutions are the fastest and most reliable fax over internet technologies available today. Reliable, secure and easy to use, our software-based online fax solutions allow secure transmission of highly sensitive documents, using standardised T.38 Fax-over-IP and G.711 Fax Pass-Through protocols.

Also available with Cloud deployments, XM Fax makes sending and receiving faxes as easy as using email. When you opt for our secure online fax service, you are choosing to work with a company that has over 20 years of experience and 2700 satisfied global clients that trust our expertise.


XM Connect 
unmatched interoperability for your unified communications

XM Connect delivers unrivalled interoperability to organisations whose UC environments include multiple vendors. XM Connect is available in on-premises or Cloud deployments, offering seamless integration with major PBX and email platforms, instant messaging, calendar, mobile devices, and enterprise databases. Backed by a suite of best-in-class applications, XM Connect offers organisations cutting-edge UC applications such as Voicemail, Unified Messaging, Mobility, Personal Assistant, Automated Attendant, IVR, Call Centre, Fax; and Notification capabilities.

XM SendSecure
our groundbreaking Secure File Exchange solution

XM SendSecure is a state-of-the-art file exchange platform for files of all types that is both highly secure and easy to use. Designed for safe file exchange by leveraging recipient authentication and ephemeral storage of sensitive files, it is perfect for organisations needing to exchange files in a secure environment while ensuring that those files remain confidential.

SendSecure’s built-in security features meet and exceed security compliance standards for a wide variety of sectors, making it an ideal solution for organisations in regulated industries.

  • Deployment of additional fax machines and analogue lines was very painful to deal with. Now that we have had XMediusFAX up and running for more than a year, I see great benefits such as cost savings and the ability to leverage our UC infrastructure.

    Thomas Ludot

    Senior Unified Communications Engineer

    Thomas Ludot

  • XMediusFAX fully met our initial expectations with respect to confidentiality of information and employee comfort. We have a lot of positive feedback from employees on the ease of use of the solution and the considerable time savings during their day.

    Laurent Thevenieau

    Infrastructure and Technical Projects Engineer

    Laurent Thevenieau

Success is something that is rarely built alone. In this sense, XMedius is supported by many partners who have contributed at some time or another in the company’s history. We are therefore pleased to highlight their valuable contribution.

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