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XMedius Solutions for Enterprises


Organizations Around the World Depend on Our Enterprise-Class Communications Solutions

Today’s IT environments are complex and full of multi-vendor solutions. Enterprises are constantly going through changes due to events like mergers, acquisitions, and advancing technologies. XMedius understands that you likely have multiple sites, with equipment from various vendors, making up your IT infrastructure. Our enterprise-class UC solutions deliver mission-critical applications while bringing disparate telephony hardware together into a single system.

Old Hardware into Modern Functionality

Is your enterprise stuck with an outdated infrastructure in desperate need of an update? Our UC solutions (deployed on-premises or in the Cloud) can help you scale towards your digital future at your own pace, while leveraging existing hardware.


Pain-Free Installation and Employee Onboarding

Nobody wants to work with applications that leave employees frustrated and unproductive. A modern enterprise communications solution will keep operations running smoothly without disrupting staff habits. Our highly-trained product support staff will ensure your new system is running quickly and delivers on its promises.

To make life easier for your users, our Unified Communications solution, CX-E, is available with alternate telephone user interfaces (TUIs) that mimic the system they already know. You get an upgraded UC system, but they get to keep the same user interface using the same commands; which helps minimise retraining.

Speak with an expert today to learn what CX-E can do for your organisation.

Boost Critical Call Completion & Set Your Staff Free

Your business is too important to stall out because someone’s away from their desk. XMedius offers advanced unified messaging and mobility features that dynamically shift how the system intelligently routes calls based on factors that include IM presence, calendar, physical location, and user-dictated settings.

In a meeting, but expecting an essential call? Staff can choose to receive visual call screenings of inbound calls and respond by taking the call, sending a brief on-the-spot recording, or using a system-generated message.

With our mobile fax and UC applications for iPhone or Android, your team can easily work from anywhere. Our mobile applications still provide a secure connection, leveraging user’s personal devices while keeping your business communications separate from their personal messages.


Keep Sensitive Data Safe in Transit

XMedius offers cutting edge solutions for both fax over IP (FoIP) and secure file transfer that provide security and interaction recording satisfying the requirements of many data privacy laws (GDPR, etc), but are also incredibly easy to implement and use.

Learn More About XMedius Solutions

If you would like to learn more about our secure enterprise communications, reach out to our experts today to see how we can help enhance your IT infrastructure.