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On-Premises, Cloud Solutions and UCaaS for Government | XMedius


Whether on the local, national or international level, government organisations worldwide can all benefit from improved secure document exchange and unified communications solutions.

Protect your voice and data: no more IT security or compliance risks

Government organisations regularly transmit and receive sensitive information, including:

  • Financial reports
  • Statements
  • Tax information
  • Human resources documents
  • Grant requests
  • Contracts
  • Classified reports

Our government Cloud and on-premises solutions cater to organisations covered by stringent privacy, recordkeeping, and security regulations, aiding compliance while streamlining workflows:


XM Fax integrates into existing fax guidelines, but allows your office to evolve beyond insecure, unreliable fax machines into a FoIP system with direct inbox delivery.


XM SendSecure allows the transfer of files up to 5 terabytes in size with double encryption, 2-factor authentication, and ephemeral storage.


Both Fax and SendSecure solutions generate extensive automated records, enabling easy report generation should there be a compliance concern.


CX-E offers secure voicemail that can prevent messages from been forwarded outside the organisation and isn’t stored off the server, allowing access to be cut if a device is lost.

UCaaS for Government

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions enable national, international, and local government agencies to leverage mission-critical applications within a multi-vendor architecture while freeing up resources for other initiatives.

Benefits of a UCaaS Solution:

  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Financial Savings
  • Offload Maintenance
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Integration with Legacy TDM, Hybrid, and VoIP Telephony Solutions

Easy, fast installation and integration of disparate existing hardware

Bringing offices with legacy hardware into modern feature sets can be challenging – you need a solution that’s easy, intuitive, and reasonably priced. XMedius voice and data solutions integrate into your existing telephony infrastructure, including with hardware from different providers in ways not otherwise possible.

XMedius data solutions can integrate directly into Microsoft Exchange so your staff won’t have to learn new software. They’ve been built from the ground up with speed and ease of use in mind.

XMedius voice solutions are available with a wide variety of alternate telephone user interfaces (TUIs) that mimic other older voicemail systems. Have the one associated with your old system installed and your staff can use the same commands. No need to relearn a new interface on how to access their voicemail.

Speak with an expert today about how XMedius solutions can take your IT and Communications infrastructure to the next level.