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XM SendSecure
Secure file transfer software with cutting-edge security features

It’s no secret that an organisation’s success relies on sensitive data, which is why data security has become such an important focus in today’s business environment. Recent surveys show that an organisation has a 26% likelihood of experiencing a major data breach within any given 24-month time period (Source: Ponemon Institute LLC, 2016) – and when this happens, companies are liable to lose both customers and credibility.

XM SendSecure Cloud

XM SendSecure Cloud is a collaborative secure file exchange platform with security features unlike anything on the market. It allows users to upload an unlimited number of text, audio or video files of up to 5 TB each into a SafeBox where file transfers take place. Files are automatically scanned with antivirus software when uploaded, and two-factor authentication and double encryption ensure that files are highly protected in transit to recipients. SendSecure offers customisable options for administrators to set varying security levels on a per-user or department basis, all in an easy-to-use interface. It integrates seamlessly with Outlook, allowing users to send and receive sensitive data without having to open another application.


XM SendSecure On-Premises

In an effort to provide flexible deployment options to its growing customer base, XMedius now offers an on-site version of its revolutionary secure file exchange platform with XM SendSecure On-Premises. It’s a fantastic solution for companies which:

  • Want to maintain control over data location and ownership
  • Want a fast, seamless deployment
  • Are looking for a highly secure file exchange alternative to their telecom infrastructure