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XM SendSecure On-Premises

A state-of-the-art secure file exchange software that gives you full control of your sensitive data

For certain organisations, there are numerous advantages to deploying an on-premises secure file exchange solution. An on-premise solution keeps critical data in-house and allows you to have full control over your information. In order to offer flexible deployment options, XMedius has expanded its software suite with XM SendSecure On-Premises, the revolutionary secure file exchange platform that keeps data management and access regulation at your fingertips.

Secure File Exchange deployment with virtually no downtime

SendSecure is designed with the user in mind. It’s an incredibly easy-to-use, intuitive platform for transferring sensitive data. As onboarding process is short, your team will be on their way to an improved workflow in next to no time. View our brochure to learn more about the benefits of using SendSecure.

XMediusSENDSECURE On-Premises
XMediusSENDSECURE On-Premises

Meet compliance regulations effortlessly

Organisations across all sectors must abide by stringent regulations when handling sensitive data. With SendSecure’s built-in security features such as two-factor authentication, double encryption and audit trail, you’re well on your way to creating a more compliant environment. SendSecure includes a configuration option that requests participant consent before transmitting personal data in a SafeBox to improve compliance with standardised personal data regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

XMediusSENDSECURE On-Premises

Send files of any type and any size

SendSecure lets you exchange any type of file, meaning you can safely upload secure documents as well as image, audio and video files. You can send and receive as many files of up to 5 TB as you like, with an unlimited amount of exchanges per month.

XMediusSENDSECURE On-Premises

Protect your data with additional security layers

All files uploaded into a Safebox are automatically scanned with SendSecure’s built-in antivirus protection. If any threat is detected, the software will not allow a potentially harmful file to be uploaded.

XMediusSENDSECURE On-Premises

Enhanced Outlook Integration

SendSecure integrates seamlessly with Outlook to ensure that exchanging files safely and securely is as easy as sending an email. With multiple language support, upload progress bars and message summaries, anyone can use SendSecure from a platform which they are already familiar with.