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Unified Communications Suite for Organizations of All Sizes


CX-E delivers enterprise-class Unified Communications applications that empower individuals, teams, and organizations.

Deployed on-premises or in the Cloud, CX-E offers seamless integration with all major communications platforms – Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, Mitel, NEC and more – complimenting any telephony and email infrastructure.

Powerful UC Applications

  • Secure Voicemail
  • Unified Messaging
  • Mobility
  • Speech Personal Assistant
  • Speech Automated Attendant
  • IVR
  • Informal Call Center
  • Fax
  • Notification


  • Up to 10 PBX in a single system
    • Alcatel-Lucent
    • Avaya
    • Broadsoft
    • Cisco
    • Microsoft
    • Mitel
    • NEC
    • Ribbon Communications
    • Unify
  • Email
    • Exchange/Office 365
    • Gmail
    • IBM Notes
    • Any IMAP4 compliant email


  • Available on-premises or in the Cloud
  • High availability, survivability, and geo-redundancy options
  • Alternate TUIs simulate legacy voicemail systems
  • Flexible licensing allows portions of the system to expand as needed

Powerful UC Applications


Secure Voicemail

Industry-leading functionality with end-to-end voice message encryption.



Mobile application, single number reach, smart call forwarding, separated business & personal communications, inbound call screening, mobile number protection, and more.


Unified Messaging

Ties together voicemail, email, and fax into one inbox. Text-to-speech, voicemail transcription, and secure messaging available.


Personal Assistant

Speech enabled, hands-free/ eyes-free access to calendar, email, fax, and voicemail. Federated presence to calendar to play an informative personal greeting.


Speech Automated Assistant

Supports multiple attendants, speech-recognition interfaces, greetings for different departments, multilingual interfaces, scheduled messages, and more.


IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Combines telephony with customizable database read/write access, allowing callers to pay bills, refill prescriptions, make reservations, and more.


Informal Call Center

An informal call center solution delivering Uniform Call Distribution (UCD), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), agent desktop control with screen pops, recording, reports, and more.



Integrates with XM Fax to deliver to Unified Messaging, mobile & web clients, telephone access, and advanced message notification.



Perform customized automated outreach via telephone calls or text messages.


CX-E leads the industry in the number of different IT solutions it can integrate with, allowing it to seamlessly add powerful functionality to your current infrastructure (both cloud and on-premises). This flexible design also leaves the door open for any future email or telephony upgrades or organizational acquisitions.

  • Simultaneously supports up to 10 PBX types on a single system
  • 400+ traditional TDM, IP-PBX, Centrex and IP Centrex integrations
  • Telephony integrations to Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, BroadSoft, Cisco, Microsoft, Mitel, NEC, Ribbon Communications, Unify and more
  • Multiple protocols: SIP, SMDI, Digital Station Emulation, QSIG, CAS
  • Delivers UM to multiple email stores and clients, including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Gmail, or any IMAP4 Compliant email server

Note: CX-E Cloud supports IP Telephony Integrations only



Flexible Deployment Options

Organizations have different requirements with regards to CAPEX vs OPEX expenditures, onsite versus offsite storage of messages, and integration with their existing solutions.

CX-E allows you to choose the deployment option that fits your needs.


Many organizations prefer to keep telephony infrastructure on-premises rather than in the cloud, allowing them to continue to leverage IT investments and maintain complete physical control of message storage.


CX-E Cloud is an enterprise-class hosted UC solution. Utilizing this solution allows organizations to limit their upfront costs and hardware maintenance obligations.

High Availability, Survivability & Geo Redundancy

Whether on-premises or in the Cloud, CX-E is built to protect your critical communications from outages.


Alternate TUIs Minimize Retraining

The cost of retraining users when upgrading to a new system is a valid concern. CX-E offers a full range of alternate telephone user interfaces (TUIs) that mimic the most popular legacy voicemail systems in use today. This means that you can make major upgrades while maintaining a similar user experience by leveraging the same commands and similar prompts. Your users may not even notice that there’s been a change.

  • Octel Aria / Serenade
  • Avaya Intuity AUDIX
  • Nortel Meridian Mail / CallPilot
  • Mitel Centigram
  • Adomo
  • Active Voice Kinesis/Repartee

Flexible Licensing

CX-E is sold as a modular system, allowing some applications to be rolled out to subsets of staff members, then expanded later to suit evolving organizational needs.


Industry-Leading UC and Document Exchange Solutions

If you have questions about our CX-E Unified Communications platform or any other products and services offered by XMedius, contact us today.