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XM Fax
The Industry Leading Fax over IP (FoIP) Solution

The industry-leading XM Fax® solutions suite transforms your organisation’s manual handling of inbound and outbound document transmissions into a managed business workflow. XMedius solutions are continuously optimised to enhance productivity, streamline operations, reduce costs, increase reliability, and keep companies compliant with ever-increasing regulatory requirements (HIPAA, FERPA, SOX, GDPR, etc.).


Why Choose the XM Fax VoIP Solution

Cost Saving

  • Software-only IP fax server solution – no fax boards required
  • Eliminate the cost of analog phone lines
  • Eliminate the maintenance, consumable, and repair costs of legacy fax hardware
  • Least Cost Routing


  • Enables compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, FERPA, and more
  • Zero retention feature
  • Event log for advanced traceability
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Cloud Services

Ease of use

  • As easy-to-use as email
  • Exchange integration & Outlook add-ons
  • Full range of MFP connectors
  • Mobile applications (phone & tablet)


  • Available in On-Premises, Cloud, or hybrid deployments
  • Three application-optimized editions to choose from
  • Automated routing via telephony, OCR, or barcodes

Who should use XM Fax ?















Costs Savings

Costs Savings

As the industry-leading FoIP solution, XM Fax delivers excellent ROI through eliminating the need for expensive TDM phone lines (allowing an organization to make a complete transition to IP telephony if desired), unreliable fax machines, and their associated consumables (paper, ink/toner, and replacement parts). As a FoIP solution, XM Fax also omits the need for (and associated costs of) fax boards.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Sending a fax using this solution is as easy as sending an e-mail, and can be done from a computer, mobile device, or a wide variety of MFPs. Connectors, integrations, and add-ons for Exchange, Outlook, and more facilitate XM Fax being quickly folded into your organisation’s existing workflows.



XM Fax is a robust IP fax solution supporting the secure standardised T.38 Fax-over-IP protocol and G.711 Fax Pass-Through. Advanced user/admin control, management, and encryption features efficiently protect document privacy and facilitate compliance with regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA, and SOX. Sensitive documents in TIFF or PDF format are routed to only approved recipients and designated secure printers/MFPs. Fax deletion options allow the system to be configured for zero retention if desired, reducing the risk of breaches. An automated event log ensures advanced traceability, assisting future audits. XMedius staff are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, providing piece of mind in regards to the security of Cloud or Hybrid deployments. The solution complies with HIPAA requirements for hosted products.



Automated Routing

What if faxes coming into your organisation’s main account delivered themselves to the proper staff members? XM Fax features comprehensive inbound fax routing methods for telephony (i.e., DID, CSID) and character recognition based (i.e., OCR, barcodes) solutions.

Deployment Flexibility

XM Fax is available as Cloud, Hybrid, or On-Premises software. On-Premises solutions feature three application-optimised editions, allowing the solution to be customised to exactly fit your organisation’s budget and needs.

XM Fax users can send a fax directly from their iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Our free fax app is perfect for sending pictures of sensitive documents immediately upon signature from anywhere at any time.




XM Fax On-Premises takes advantage of your existing IP infrastructure to deliver cost savings while keeping your organisation’s fax server within your complete physical control. With three different volume-graduated editions, the solution is highly scalable to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes. Virtualisation is supported with VMware, Microsoft Hypervisor, and Citrix. Branch and disaster recovery support options are also available (specific to Service Provider edition).


XM Fax Editions at a Glance


Business Size


Fax Channels


High Availability and Disaster Recovery


Small to Medium

100 Max

Up to 4


Not Available


Medium to Large



Up to 20

Not Available

Service Provider

Very Large & Hosting



Up to 20,000



For small-to-medium sized businesses that require secure online fax capabilities via desktop, email, and hardcopy faxing with compliance or legislation requirements.


For medium-to-large sized businesses requiring cost-effective business process integrations, advanced application integrations, and advanced monitoring and reporting tools.

Service Provider

For large organizations that require redundant, high-availability solutions or who host solutions for multiple organizations.


XM Fax Cloud is built upon one of the most secure hosting infrastructures in the world. The solution deploys rapidly, so you’ll experience virtually no downtime. Sending and receiving faxes through the Cloud means no additional hardware or software investments, and no busy signals. Flexible pricing models, including pay-per-use (monthly recurrent plan or prepaid) or volume-based, allow you to buy to suit your organisation’s exact requirements. The cloud deployment option also offers unlimited scalability and fax capacity, so as your need grows, your FoIP solution will grow right alongside it.



XM Fax Hybrid leverages cloud infrastructure to offer a fast, simple deployment while also giving you full control over data storage, location, and ownership. This very robust solution offers high availability, disaster recovery, and automatic failover so you can continue to send and receive critical documents despite outages.

Revolutionize the Way You Fax

XMedius staff is ready to assist you in designing a package that will work for your requirements.

Maintain Document Security Beyond Fax

Does your organization handle large and/or interactive sensitive files such as videos, images, MRI-scans, prototype software, blueprints, presentations for limited audiences, etc.? XM SendSecure is the intuitive, fast, affordable, and extremely secure solution capable of handling any file format of any size up to 5TB.

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