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Cloud Fax Solutions Buyer’s Guide


Your organization needs a fax service to transmit and track sensitive and confidential documents. Sending these documents by email is not an option because of the disclosure risks inherent in plain text communications over the Internet. Conventional manual faxing is extremely cumbersome, as it involves printing a document from your PC, walking to the fax machine, filling out a cover sheet, dialing, sending and waiting to make sure your transmission was successful. On top of all this, conventional faxing methods incur costs for leasing fax machines and analog phone lines, as well as technician fees to wire new fax lines.

Find out:

  • Detailed information on new GDPR regulations
  • Organizational and technical measures to ensure GDPR compliance
  • Individual’s rights over their personal information as outlined by the GDPR
  • How your organization can prepare for the GDPR in advance