• XMedius provides on-premises or cloud solutions
    for Secure File Exchange


    XMedius is a leading global provider of enterprise-grade solutions for Secure File Exchange. It allows companies to safely exchange vital and confidential information, either through on-premises or cloud deployments.

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      XMediusSENDSECURE is a state-of-the-art exchange platform for files of all types that is both highly secure and easy to use. Designed to allow for the safe exchange leveraging recipient authentication and ephemeral storage of sensitive files, it is perfect for organizations needing to exchange files in a secure environment while ensuring that those files remain confidential.


      SendSecure allows you to create a customizable lifespan ephemeral SafeBox requiring Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) from the recipient to access the content. It uses strong encryption using TLS 1.2 (with forward secrecy) and all at rest files are encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption. Double encryption protects the SafeBox from intruders or unauthorized employees.

      Ease of use

      SendSecure’s intuitive design makes it as easy to use at the office or on the go. No subscription, hardware or software download necessary for the recipient. Seamlessly integrated with Outlook (Office 365), it let you send secure encrypted files of all types up to 5 GBper attachment from your desktop, a mobile phone or tablet to individuals or groups with a web browser.

      Audit Trail

      SendSecure retains digitally signed transmission records of any and all access to a SafeBox. A Transmission Detail Report is created following the closing of the SafeBox and this report can be printed, downloaded or emailed as a PDF. SendSecure can archive all documents that were exchanged on the platform or to an external repository or drive.
    • XMediusFAX®

      XMediusFAX® solutions are the fastest and most reliable Fax over IP technology available today. Reliable, secure and easy to use, our software-based solutions allow secure transmission of highly sensitive documents, using standardized T.38 Fax-over-IP and G.711 Fax Pass-Through protocols. Also available within the Cloud, XMediusFAX® make sending and receiving faxes as easy as using emails.


      XMediusFAX® is an open and distributed fax platform, supporting up to 300 simultaneous fax transmissions per server node and more than 2,000 simultaneous fax transmissions by combining multiple server nodes into a single system for handling high fax volume.

      Disaster Recovery

      XMediusFAX® provides survivability through its unique built-in High-Availability (synchronous replication with automated failover) and Disaster Recovery (asynchronous replication) which ensure the integrity and availability of your fax data.


      As a pioneer in IP fax solutions, XMediusFAX® has established a reputation for providing high-reliability fax platforms for leading organizations across many industries.
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