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Joining forces


AVST merges with XMedius to become a global provider of enterprise-grade secure communications solutions.


Trusted provider of enterprise communications solutions

What started out as a technology partnership in September 2016, transitioned into a merger on October 31st, 2017. XMedius and AVST have been reintroduced as one powerhouse. Together, the combined organizations have become the Voice and Data solutions divisions within the new XMedius, offering a catalog of enterprise-grade communications solutions for multiple industries. XMedius delivers secure data solutions to help meet faxing and file exchange needs and regulatory compliance standards. And now, Unified Communications (UC) applications that leverage existing and evolving IT infrastructures have been added to the portfolio.



After a successful business partnership, XMedius and AVST merged to become a trusted provider
of secure communications solutions. With complementary territory maps, solutions suites,
and target industries, joining forces has been a rewarding experience for the companies’ teams,
customers, and partners. XMedius now consists of Voice and Data Solutions divisions.

Check out what each respective company brought to the table to become the new XMedius:


Our promise to deliver

Over the years, our solutions have consistently evolved along with breakthroughs in data security, shifts in the regulatory compliance landscape, and changes in business needs. As a trusted provider, XMedius promises to continue delivering modern solutions that not only simplify security and regulatory compliance for our customers, but solve IT challenges and boost business processes as well.



  • Highest encryption standards
  • End-to-End Secure Voice Messaging
  • Fax and message deletion options for zero retention
  • Audit trail
  • IT continuity assured
  • High availability & disaster recovery


  • Easily expand as needed
  • With unmatched scalability in the industry, CX-E supports up to 60,000 Users, 800 Ports, and 5 Million Messages Stored
  • XM Fax can support up to 2,000 channels and 20,000 sites in multi-tenancy without impacting system performance on a distributed system with branch and disaster recovery support


  • Send/receive faxes from anywhere through mobile applications
  • Secure document sharing on the go
  • Manage your business communications, contacts, availability, and mailbox preferences
  • Speech-Enabled Personal Assistant


  • Broadest UC Interoperability
  • Extensive PBX vendor certification
  • Numerous connectors for all MFP vendors
  • Integration with applications – API

A customer-driven organization

With a commitment to innovation, service, and channel partner relationships, the combined efforts bring forth exponential growth for our solutions suite.

A successful merger doesn’t happen overnight! See what’s been happening in recent months since the two companies joined forces.

Contact XMedius

We look forward to continuing our story with you. Contact Us today to learn more about the combined company.