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3 Ways UC Facilitates Time-Sensitive Communications in Finance

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While you’re reading this, stock prices are changing. Every point on the chart represents potential profit gained or lost. Entire businesses are built on the back of being able to make trades seconds faster than “the other guy.”

While decision points in Finance aren’t literally life or death like they can be in Healthcare, the fact remains that responding to events quickly is absolutely crucial. Here are 3 ways a modern Unified Communications solution can speed up your organization’s ability to pass information and make decisions when every moment counts.


1. Have All Your Messages Handy, Wherever You Go

The easier it is to keep track of communications, the faster your staff will act on them.

Whether you’re a trader, administrator, loan officer, or analyst, you need to have all your communications within reach at all times. Having to leave your desk to pick up an important incoming fax or check your desk phone to receive a voicemail distracts from the essential activities that anchor your position.

Unified Messaging is the solution to the problem of too many incoming communication streams. It collects email, voicemail (with transcription), and incoming faxes into one place: your inbox. That means your auditor gets a report the moment it’s received, a stock chartist will get voicemail and email queries in the same place, and administrators can assess at a glance whether a voice message is worth leaving a meeting for. The faster your staff is able to process what’s coming in, the faster they can send responses out.


2. Be Reachable Anywhere

Your staff can’t be at their desks all the time. There are a variety of reasons why someone might be working elsewhere, and your communications system needs to be able to seamlessly adjust to their movements. A proper mobility application can direct calls, inform callers that you’re in a meeting, and also take messages, all based on presence status, geolocation, and your schedule. That way your employees can focus on what they’re doing without needing to worry about adjusting things to make sure they’re reachable – the system does it for them.


3. Put Numbers at Their Fingertips

It can be helpful to have a system in place to provide constantly-updated numbers on demand, either internally or externally. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions use text-to-speech functionality to give callers access to account balances and other numbers over the phone, even in the middle of the night. Because IVR is pulling from databases, the caller always gets the most recent information in the system.

While the world of finance is certainly moving toward web and phone apps, there are still times when looking at a screen doesn’t work, especially when serving older customers. The telephone is a universal, ubiquitous piece of technology, which makes it a powerful tool for providing numbers to staff & customers so they can use them to make decisions, pay balances, and more.


An Added Consideration: Messaging Security

Given the sums of money involved and how tightly regulated the financial industry is, security is especially crucial. Laws like SOX require careful controls over who has access to sensitive financial information. A UC solution that offers end-to-end secure voicemail with available locks for which messages can be forwarded outside your system (or at all) can help your organization stay compliant and safer from intrusions.


Add Powerful Tools to Your Organization’s Existing Infrastructure

CX-E is a full-featured Unified Communications solution that slots into your existing IT investments to replace legacy voicemail and deliver a wide range of powerful features (unified messaging, intelligent call routing, secure messaging, customizable IVR, and a great deal more). Whether you select an on-premises install or Cloud-based integration, the system keeps costs low by using the hardware you already have to get more jobs done.

Reach out to us to learn more about the solution and how it can be customized to suit your institution’s specific needs.




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