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Are IP Fax Solutions More Economical Than Traditional Fax?

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If your organization is still using traditional phone lines, going with a traditional fax machine can be tempting. The machine itself is relatively affordable, and it can use the phone lines you already have. It’s quite possible that your organization already has a traditional fax setup, which can make the costs of a change seem high relative to just staying put with what you know.

Unfortunately, several factors make traditional fax machines unsustainable today. The day-to-day costs of ink/toner and paper add up fast. Machines break easily, which not only means they’re out of service, but that you’re paying to fix them.


 1. The hidden cost of Traditional Fax is time

Employees have to print their document, walk to the machine, then wait for it to send its payload so they can retrieve the original (especially important if it contains data covered under GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, FERPA, or similar laws).

It’s difficult to tell if an entire fax has been received on the other end, so if they’re doing the sending, they may need to call or email the intended recipient to check. If they’re on the receiving end and document is particularly timely, essential, or private, they may have to coordinate with the sender to make sure they’re standing by the machine ready to catch the document when it comes out.

That’s a lot of wasted time where staff could instead be doing productive work.


2. Phone lines are dying

Reliability and consumable costs aside, one key consideration trumps all others: fax machines will be completely unable to operate in a post-phone line world. That time is coming sooner than you may think, Europe has announced an end date for their traditional phone services, Australia is following suit, and several US carriers are planning on ending installation of new lines.

Once those lines are no longer supported, traditional fax infrastructure becomes useless. This is already the case for many organizations who have moved or are moving their phone services to a VoIP system (such as a SIP Trunk).


3. Fax over IP (FoIP) has none of these problems

  • Cheaper connections & SIP-friendly
    FoIP can completely sidestep a connection to the conventional phone network, using the internet to get the message out instead. IP connections are dramatically cheaper than traditional phone lines, and have the added benefit of being technology that continues to be useful after the traditional network eventually goes away.
  • Save time by faxing from anywhere
    Using a FoIP solution, faxes can be sent from an employee’s desk (via a laptop or desktop) rather than a machine down the hall. Solutions with mobile & web clients can even send faxes from mobile devices like tablets and cell phones, allowing faxes to be sent from anywhere there’s a signal.

The added benefit of routing faxes through these devices is the security your IT department can put around them. If someone has to log into your machine to see a fax, it’s a lot more secure than a piece of paper sitting in a public tray.

  • Skip the ink, toner, and paper
    While you can print out a FoIP document, you don’t have to, when sending or receiving. That means fewer consumable costs, and less paper copies of sensitive documents to file or shred.
  • Manage IT how you wish, and subscribe rather than buy
    A good FoIP solution should be available both on-premises and in the Cloud. If maintaining a fax server on site isn’t something your organization would like to take on, Cloud FoIP solutions allow you to handle everything via a SaaS subscription. Prepaid credit systems are also available that allow you to only pay for what you use.

See It in Action – Fax over IP Case Study

Read this case study to discover more about the economic benefits of switching your organization’s infrastructure from physical fax to FoIP.


Decrease Costs and Increase Efficiency with XM Fax

XM Fax is a cutting-edge FoIP solution that can deliver excellent ROI and dramatically reduce the wasted time and frustration associated with traditional fax. Bring all the benefits listed above to bear on your communications needs to reap the rewards. Reach out to us to learn more about what it can do for your organization’s workflows and bottom line.




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