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Coming Together: The Success Story of the XMedius and AVST Merger

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In October of 2017, Unified Communications provider, AVST, and XMedius Solutions merged to become the new XMedius: a global leader of enterprise-grade secure communications solutions.

The two companies bring a combined 60+ years of experience in providing leading software solutions to regulated industries. XMedius with Fax over IP and Secure File Exchange solutions built to enable compliance for a variety of industries, and AVST, with a software platform that provides seamless integration and interoperability for companies whose IT infrastructure contains elements from a mix of Unified Communication vendors.

While the merger made sense from a business perspective, seeing as the combined solutions suite is complementary, what stood out most for both companies’ workforce, customer base, and network of channel partners is that both XMedius and AVST are people-centric.


Customers First: A Winning Combination of Organizations

When two companies genuinely care about providing solutions that simplify security, compliance strategies, and business workflow in a cost-effective manner – customers benefit. Customers have been at the heart of everything XMedius and AVST have done, and so merging after being successful business partners for a few years was the next intuitive step. For these companies, merging wasn’t about growing larger, it was about investing together and joining forces to do things better.

The end result is a stronger and more widespread organization who is not only relentless in its dedication to providing cutting-edge technology solutions, but also greatly values its people.


Unifying the Vision: Merging Two Teams into One

Merging teams with equally valuable skills has been one of the most rewarding parts of the journey for XMedius. Within weeks of the merger, both business units; now formally known as the Voice and Data solutions divisions within XMedius, were formally ushered to Quebec City, Canada, for the annual global sales meeting (GSM) back in January 2018.

The GSM, aptly themed “Come Together”, was the platform where new working relationships started to form, and existing relationships got the chance to flourish. While some members of the respective business units were just starting to get acquainted, others had worked together for years but were now able to do so under the same company name with fresh and unified goals. It was at the GSM that XMedius President and CEO, Jean Champagne, shared his excitement about the merger:

“XMedius and AVST have actually have been partnered for the last couple of years and enjoyed some good market success together, and have very complementary portfolios, missions, visions, and values ( … ) We’re really excited about this coming together of the two companies and we look forward to our future.”

Check out the full interview with Jean Champagne at the XMedius GSM where he talks about the merger in detail while providing a few insights on the new XMedius’ vision for future business endeavors.



The Road to Post-Merger Success

A successful merger doesn’t happen overnight – XMedius now has offices in Montreal, Orange County, Seattle, and Paris all consisting of team members with unique skills, work experience, customer centricity and best practices to bring to the table.

At XMedius, onboarding and communication are important, so each business unit’s sales, marketing, pre-sales, and R&D teams took immediately to phone calls, video conferences, and face-to-face meetings to get the ball rolling on product training and discussions about upcoming joint projects.

So far, the integration has been largely successful for the 2 business units who have only been “living together” for 10+ months. The sales teams have had ongoing product training that has led to a number of XMedius resellers now being able to offer the full spectrum of its product portfolio to customers in the healthcare, education, government, finance, and legal sectors. The presales and professional services teams continue to collaborate and share best practices, enabling them to offer a wider range of product services and support to an even broader global customer base.  The marketing team has collaborated on joint initiatives, such as merging company websites to broadcast a singular, unified message.

Over the course of the year, post-merger integration will continue to be a primary focus for XMedius. The sharing of best practices has done nothing but speed up the process so far. The successful integration of teams has depended upon finding shared strengths and utilizing the expanded organization to fill in any gaps. All in all, the story of the XMedius merger has been one that positively positions the company and its brand. The willingness of the two teams to engage one another, sharing their experience and strengths, is the recipe for success that will impact the company, its partner network, and its customers for years to come.



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