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CX-E Advances Communications at The University of Toronto

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The University of Toronto has been a fixture in the city since 1827 and has made significant contributions to both science (insulin, stem cell research, the first electron microscope, and the identification of the first black hole) and Canadian government (four prime ministers, three governors general, and fourteen justices of the Supreme Court).

As Canada’s largest university and owner of the third largest academic library system in North America, The U of T’s communications needs are extensive and complex. With eleven colleges and three campuses comprising 180 acres spread across the city of Toronto, the university is populated by over 7,000 faculty and staff as well as over 60,000 students. When the time came to upgrade their communications systems, the University’s staff spent five months searching for a solution that would reliably and powerfully connect all the different departments in both their undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Not only did everyone need to easily reach each other, the University also needed a solution that was resilient, could integrate with a variety of current and future email systems, and would replace their unsupported legacy voicemail system without extensive staff retraining.

Ultimately the team settled on the XMedius CX-E software, implementing a single system that seamlessly connected all three campuses and leveraged their existing infrastructure.


Unified, Interoperable Communications

With hundreds of diverse departments on multiple campuses, The University of Toronto needed one system to centralize staff, student, and outside caller conversations. Between admissions, alumni, campuses and libraries, the University needed a sophisticated Automated Attendant application to route the over 450,000 calls per month to the appropriate departments and personnel.

CX-E is able to administer a huge number of calls across the three campuses, providing users with a seamless, convenient experience. All the University’s disparate email systems were able to interface with CX-E for consistent Unified Messaging service, regardless of a department or location’s current or future email setup.


“CX-E is a workhorse – it takes 450,000 calls a month with over 300 Automated Attendant menus – and doesn’t even break a sweat!”

Director of Telecommunications
The University of Toronto


Optimized, Reliable Infrastructure

The University of Toronto needed their communications to be reliable, regardless of any unforeseen mishaps.

CX-E’s semi-autonomous call servers are designed to answer phones and collect messages without interruption, regardless of how the rest of the system is functioning. By placing four call servers in the main St. George campus and two each at the Mississauga and Scarborough satellite campuses, they built a system for seamless reliability.

A central system server at the St. George campus administers the CX-E system via a private cloud, acting as a central source for all messages collected at all three locations, and preventing data loss in the event a call server goes down.


Taking Voicemail to the Next Level, Without Leaving Staff Behind

It was time for the University’s aging voicemail system to go, but could it be done without causing a massive retraining headache? CX-E offers an alternate Telephone User Interface (TUI) for a variety of vendors, allowing the system to be replaced with full modern functionality while maintaining the same command structure, like pressing “1” to retrieve a new voicemail, people were used to for over 25 years.




The UC Platform Trusted by Hundreds of Universities

XMedius CX-E is trusted by major universities to deliver the essential functions they need to operate on a daily basis. Our team can do the same for your school, large or small. Contact us to discuss how we can craft a cost-effective system that builds on the infrastructure you already have, delivering powerful connectivity without an expensive rip and replace.




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