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How do you Fax Without a Fax Machine?

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You may wonder if your company is one of the last diehards that still use the traditional method of faxing. Well, rest assured. Many businesses of various sizes and areas of expertise, such as lawyers, real estate agents and doctors, still use this method on a daily basis.

However, the technology involved in telecommunication has progressed enormously over the last few years, providing businesses with new means of transmitting documents that are much more expeditious, efficient and flexible. Among these means, online faxing represents one of the most significant evolutions.

Find out how you can fax without a fax machine using an online fax system.

Why is faxing still essential?

Although the arrival of emails has contributed to reducing the number of faxes sent and received, the fact of the matter is that this means of communication still remains relevant.

Imagine that your financial analyst asks you to send a document authorizing a transaction, or that your doctor would like to send you a copy of your last lab results. Email is not a secure enough means to send such important and confidential documentation, and regular mail is decidedly too slow. Fax stays the most secure means of communication.

The functioning of the traditional fax machine

A traditional fax machine requires an active telephone line to be able to function. The standard machine calls the telephone number to which you wish to send a fax. When the telephone call is received, the machine transmits the document to the same number.

Prior to the advent of modern technology, fax machines were the only means available to securely send and receive documents. However, sending a fax always had its share of irritants. The files first had to be printed in order to be faxed, which resulted in additional expenses for paper and ink. Furthermore, back then, the image quality and clarity of faxed documents were poor at times.

The arrival of online faxing: a true revolution

So, if faxing is still essential, but the traditional method is becoming increasingly outdated, you are surely asking yourself how you can transfer you documents more efficiently while ensuring their security.

The answer to this question is online faxing. Online faxing, also called Internet faxing or virtual faxing, can be as easy as entering an email address. This type of solution, which uses IP infrastructures, enables sending one or several documents to any fax machine or to another virtual fax recipient. You simply have to attach a document and press “send.”

As it uses the Internet, the online fax system is also accessible via mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. It goes without saying that this feature provides much more flexibility than traditional faxing. Indeed, it is now possible to send and receive faxes from anywhere. The documents are transmitted digitally, which also makes archiving easier.

XMedius: global leader in online faxing

In light of this information, you may perhaps be curious to know how you can transition from the traditional fax method to online faxing. If this is the case, do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.

With more than 20 years of experience in the online fax service market, we are able to offer you the fastest and most reliable technology that exists in the industry today.



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