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Are free online fax solutions right for companies?

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Choosing a free online fax solution versus a professional service will depend on an organization needs in terms of security features, customer service, and support.


With all its advantages, online fax technology is increasingly popular within organizations that need to exchange documents on a regular basis. At the same time, alternatives to the traditional fax have been developed by numerous providers.  Some developers even present solutions that they offer free of charge over the Internet. But are these free online fax solutions appropriate for companies?

Here are a few features that highlight various shortcomings of these free Internet fax programs.


Free online fax solutions and data security

As recent news about data breaches and compliance issues will show you, more and more companies need to improve the way they handle personal information about their customers or any other sensitive data that may have a high value for defrauders. It’s clear that data security has become a major issue for many organizations.

To ensure the confidentiality of documents transmitted online, certain telecommunications companies have developed effective solutions for secure transfer, assuring users that their documents can only be consulted by the intended recipients.

Procedures such as encryption or transit over highly secure infrastructure can guarantee users of an online fax service that their messages will remain confidential.

It is also possible that the messages received may be infected by computer viruses. It is therefore a good idea to make sure that the selected service can identify the presence of this kind of threat.

However, these security features are very rarely a privilege of free online faxing, making them a risky choice for companies that work with sensitive data.


Performance can differ between free and professional services

Since each company is different, their communications needs will differ based on factors such as their size and their area of business. For example, some organizations require archiving tools, while others must regularly send large files that exceed email attachment limitations.

However, free fax services often offer only basic options that do not include long-term storage of documents or the sending of larger files.

Fax solutions providers, on the other hand, offer solutions tailored to their customer’s needs. Organizations who are looking for specific features, like the ability to transmit larger files, customizable security options, and an audit trail, for example, will find that consulting with fax service providers on the options available to them will work better for them in the long run. Today’s fax solutions come with an assortment of volume-based pricing options, so in the end, organizations only pay for their typical usage.


Support offered by online fax service providers

Implementing an online fax service may require technical skills that only specialists possess. For companies that need to send faxes daily, a service interruption can cause significant problems.

For this reason, companies moving to fax over IP solution should be able to count on support from their service provider. Although free fax solutions usually offer customer service, it is rarely fast, nor would a user be able to get the full support they require.

With a full-featured online fax solution, the customer obtains the benefits of a technical team and 24/7 customer support. This minimizes the risk that a lengthy service interruption will impact the organization’s activities.


Online fax solutions from XMedius

In light of this information, although free online fax solutions may be appropriate for certain users, they can be a risky choice for companies that don’t want to find themselves in an unfortunate situation because of their shortcomings.

In order to benefit from secure transfers, added features and constant technical support, put your trust instead in a recognized provider like XMedius.

XMedius is a world leader in the field of secure file transfer solutions for companies. It developed the first all-inclusive fax over IP software in the industry. The services it offers have what it takes to meet the needs of all organizations.



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