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What hardware is used to send faxes online?

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Traditional fax systems require the use of multiple hardware components such as a dedicated telephone line and a fax machine. However, with an online fax system, you can send faxes without having to worry about this equipment, which can prove costly to maintain.

Read on to learn about the different tools used for sending faxes online.


Send faxes online from a computer

Sending and receiving faxes by computer, whether you own a PC or laptop, is becoming the new standard for the modern workforce. In fact, no matter what type or model of computer you have, all you need is an Internet connection to send documents. The text files that you want to send will be converted into faxes, so they can be received by your intended recipient whether on their own Internet fax system, or on a traditional fax machine. Both options are possible.

Online fax uses the IP infrastructure, which transfers data related to the files over computer networks rather than by telephone lines. Compared to a traditional fax setup, companies can experience cost savings by not having to maintain additional lines on their network when using a fax over IP (FoIP) solution.

Using computers simplifies not only the sending of faxes, but also their receipt. The files can be opened directly on a computer without having to print them out. This in itself increases the confidentiality and security of exchanges, since there is virtually no risk of someone picking up a fax not intended for them.


Send faxes from anywhere with a mobile device

One of the major headaches associated with traditional faxing having to be near a fax machine to feed paper documents to be digitized and then sent. The same goes for waiting around by the fax machine for an important document.

With fax over IP, there is no need to be at the office to send faxes to your intended recipient. Most providers of online fax services offer mobile applications  that can send and receive files from devices like a smartphone or tablet.

This is a definite advantage, since the users of this system can fax documents remotely and thereby keep work processes going even while on the road.


Fax paper documents using a multifunction printer

Most organizations have a multifunction printer (MFP), which enables them to digitize documents and print them.  If the documents that you want to fax are in paper format, simply adding a fax connector to this type of device will enable you to use it to send faxes. You simply scan the pages using your multifunction printer and then send them to your recipient.


To switch to fax over Internet

As you were able to see, the hardware required to send faxes online consists, for the most part, of devices that you use on a daily basis. With this in mind, switching to fax over IP does not result in significant hardware acquisition costs. You can enjoy the advantages of fax over Internet technology without having to invest a fortune.

For more detailed information on implementing a fax over Internet system in your organization, don’t hesitate to contact the XMedius team. Optimized on an ongoing basis, the tools XMedius has developed for online faxing are designed to improve productivity and simplify operations.



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