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How a Personal Assistant Empowers Employees

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Whether on your phone, tablet, computer, car, voice-interface device, or elsewhere, voice-driven personal assistants are becoming an ever-more present fixture of our lives.

Consumer assistants are great for finding out the weather, converting measurements to metric, or reading you the headlines. Unfortunately, at the organizational level you need more functionality to empower your workers, like the ability to redirect faxes to a team member’s email account, read, check & respond to email hands-free/eyes-free, or automatically intelligently route calls based on their IM presence, calendar, work hours, and physical location.

CX-E has optional personal assistant functionality that can handle all of these challenges and more.


The Power of Presence

The personal assistant knows your typical work schedule (in general), can pull that day’s availability from your calendar, watches your IM status, and even knows your location from the geo-awareness within the mobile client.

Now you no longer have to tell the system every time you’re in a meeting, leave the office for lunch, or work from home. It just figures it out, and then follows the rules you’ve set – routing calls to the best device, asking callers to leave a message, automatically telling them when you’ll be out of a meeting, sending a silent alert so you know who’s calling and can decide how to best react, forwarding the call to your cell or home phone, etc.

Catching more leads to higher efficiency and greater customer satisfaction – people feel like you’re there for them when they need you.


Hands Free, Eyes Free

Are you driving, but want to know what’s on the schedule for today, ring a co-worker, or need to cancel a calendar appointment? That’s not a problem. CX-E’s personal assistant can do all those things for you (and more) with an accurate speech interface.


Call from the Office, While on the Road

Have a phone call to make, but don’t want to expose your personal cell phone number to the client? Not a problem. Using the mobile client ensures mobile number protection. You can ask CX-E to call someone from the company number, then connect the call to your personal device. As far as their caller ID is concerned, you’re calling from the office.



The XMedius personal assistant features a leading speech recognition engine that understands and speaks English (US, UK, or Australian), US Spanish, Canadian French, German, and Swedish.


Get Your Own Virtual Personal Assistant

The less your employees have to think about how to work, the more time and attention they have to devote to their customers and duties. Use the XMedius Personal Assistant to make keeping in touch effortless.

With over 35 years in the enterprise telephony solutions space, XMedius is an acknowledged pioneer. Our experts can help upgrade your existing communications infrastructure into an employee-empowering machine. Reach out to us so we can customize your CX-E to fit your needs.





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