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How should you choose the most suitable online fax service for your company?

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Online fax services offer the possibility to send and receive faxes via an email account, recording them in a digital format. Because of the undeniable advantages of such a telecommunication service compared to traditional fax, more and more companies are turning to this modern solution. But how can you choose the best service and the right supplier?

Here are some tips for choosing the most suitable online fax service for your company:


1. Assessing your fax sending and receiving needs

To select an online fax service , it is essential to assess your needs for sending and receiving faxes. For example, an organization that only sends a small number of faxes per day should consider a pay-as-you-go credit system. In contrast, a company that receives and sends large amounts of documents via every day should instead opt for a fixed-price service, including a high or unlimited number of transmissions. Security issues must also be considered; it will be necessary to know whether need to be protected by effective identification and encryption mechanisms.


2. Seek advice from other companies in your business sector

Another good strategy for choosing an online fax service is to search for information from organizations in the same industry sector. Through conversation with organizations that have similar needs, you can discover what functions of Internet fax are  practical, essential or superfluous. Sometimes, a business partner will even be able to provide an idea of the cost he is paying for his package, which makes it easier to compare the prices of different suppliers in addition to their service offerings.


3. Contact a few online fax service providers

With information and recommendations collected from other companies in the same industry, it is much easier to prepare a list of a few vendors that offer an online fax service with the desired functionality (security, compatibility with mobile devices, etc.). Contacting these companies offers the opportunity to obtain more details about the options and features included in their packages. It is also a good way to test the service quality of sellers, who should take the time to ask you questions to better understand your needs and make you an offer tailored to them.


4. Evaluate customer service of potential suppliers

It is always best to ensure the quality of a supplier’s customer service before problems arise. Are agents able to offer 24/24 professional support? An online fax provider whose customer service is reputable should be given extra weight when making your decision.


XMedius: a team that can guide companies to the appropriate online fax service

In conclusion, if a company puts these few tips into practice, it will be able to make a much more informed choice in terms of online fax service. With the right choice, it will be able to take advantage of the features it really needs and good customer service, all for a competitive price.

If you are looking to implement an online fax solution for your business, XMedius can guide you. Contact our experts today to benefit from the best advice and information possible on the subject.



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