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How to get rid of analog fax lines

 In Blog, Fax, FoIP, ROI

There’s a conversation your telephone carrier does not want to have with you. That conversation is about how much you are truly spending on analog fax lines.

Month after month, you pay for analog fax lines that may or may not still be in use. If they are in use, do you really know how many analog fax calls are actually being sent and received? The math is pretty easy to calculate: cost of analog fax lines multiplied by the number of analog fax lines (cost x quantity) gets you the monthly spend on your analog fax line. Factor in long distance charges and you’ll be surprised at how much you are paying just for the capability of sending and receiving analog fax calls.

Let’s run a scenario. A small- to medium-sized business with 10 fax machines has to pay an average of $50.00 per month for each fax machine. That amounts to $500 a month ($6,000/Year) just for the analog fax line that may or may not be in use. Now factor in the cost of each fax device, supplies, long-distance charges and you’re actual cost is close to $10,000 a year. Is that a good use of operational spend?

Wouldn’t you also hate to know that most analog fax lines are in place for convenience instead of usage? It’s true that at some point in time someone needed fax capabilities and the only viable option was a fax machine with an analog fax line. But the fact is that most fax machines now sit idle 90% of the time.

In today’s business environment, the need to receive and send a fax is still there, but there are much more cost-efficient ways to address this need. The best way to reduce the cost of having fax capabilities is by moving to a fax service. A fax service provides better functionality, better accessibility, better metrics, and a better overall user experience. And thanks to number porting, you can keep your existing fax number.

So if you have some free time–and don’t we all (rolling eyes)? — Just do the math. If you can reduce costs and provide a better fax experience, then what’s stopping you?