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Improve Your Customer Service Workflow with TeamQ

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If you’ve got a business, chances are you’ve got customer service & support calls to handle. Small businesses can get by with an entry-level phone solution called a Hunt Group (aka Hunting Group), while organizations that cover very large volumes can justify the high cost of a full call center software solution.

What if you fall in the middle, needing more functionality than a Hunt Group, but unwilling to pay the very high costs for traditional call center software? There’s now a solution: TeamQ.


The Limits of the Hunt Group

Hunt groups distribute calls to a single number across a designated set of extensions, allowing multiple staff members to service calls. When a call comes in, the hunt group pings phones in the group to see if they’re busy, then distributes the call to a free one.

Unfortunately, hunt groups’ distribution functionality is pretty limited – there are only a few arbitrary distribution patterns to choose from:

  • Linear Hunting
    Distributes calls by always starting at the top of the connected extensions list, regardless of where the last call was delivered.
  • Circular Hunting
    Similar to Linear Hunting, but remembers where it delivered the last call, and then pings extensions starting from the next one on the list.
  • Most-Idle Hunting
    The most advanced distribution model – checks all extensions time-on-calls for a given period (like that day), and then pings extensions from most-idle to least-idle.


TeamQ: The Affordable Call Center Alternative

TeamQ is an informal call center solution that facilitates nimble, technologically advanced, smaller-scale call center functionality. While Hunt Groups offer limited options that are fairly opaque and unchangeable, TeamQ offers a range of powerful functions that help your agents work more effectively:

  • Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Agent Pull Model
  • Informative Screen Pops
  • Basic Call Recording
  • Reporting
  • Untethered (Remote) Agents
  • Informing Callers of Position in Queue
  • Giving Callers the Option of Leaving a Message
  • And more

Agents can pull the calls best suited to them based on information that can include customer responses to given prompts at queue entry. They can be working from anywhere. They can have relevant information thrown up on the screen (via screen pops) at the time they take the call. All in partnership with existing PBXs, without requiring you to install an ACD or CTI connection (as is common for call center software).

TeamQ’s expanded functionality means your staff can work to your policies, rather than making your policies work with the system. Team members can take direct control over how many calls they catch (and when), allowing them to take breaks to perform other duties.

TeamQ + Click2Coach – Powerful Training & Monitoring Tools

Adding Envision’s Click2Coach to TeamQ expands its offering further into functions previously reserved for top of the line call center software.

The additional features Click2Coach brings to the system include:

  • Advanced Voice and Screen Recording
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Workforce Management
  • Performance Management
  • Agent Coaching

This pairing allows you to more closely monitor and provide feedback to staff from within the software. Click2Coach’s tool suite has been shown to provide real increases in agent effectiveness, dropping Agent Handle Time by 15% while increasing customer satisfaction.


Take Your Phone Support to the Next Level

TeamQ supports a team of up to 250 agents with a feature set that approaches powerful call center software at a fraction of the cost. Adding Click2Coach takes this functionality even further by giving you the tools to train staff to a higher customer service standard.

XMedius experts can help you navigate your options and end up with a system that does just what you need it to do.





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