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Not all file-sharing tools have security mechanisms in place, thus making transferred information vulnerable to hacking.


Thanks to new modes of communication and the various computer tools developed in recent years, it is now easier than ever to freely exchange data and files of all kinds.  Several sharing platforms have also emerged, gaining more and more users thanks to the benefits they provide.

It should be noted, however, that not all data exchange tools are equipped with security mechanisms, making the information that passes through them often vulnerable to hacking.

Read on to discover why more and more organizations are using secure sensitive data exchange solutions.


How does a secure system for sharing sensitive data work?

A secure file exchange platform has various features that make shared data unlikely to end up in the hands of malicious individuals. In addition, this type of system can also scan files as they’re uploaded to ensure that they are not contaminated by viruses.

To be able to access a transferred file, the user must go through a rigorous identification process, which guarantees that he is indeed the right recipient. During the transfer, the messages are encrypted, so that they are incomprehensible if they were to be intercepted.

The way it works is similar to traditional file exchange platforms, with a user-friendly interface, but which nevertheless offers administrators different security configurations to ensure the confidentiality of exchanged files. Some systems can even be synchronized with popular email platforms, making them easy to use.


The relevance of using a secure file exchange system

Day after day, the majority of business sectors manage large amounts of sensitive data. Whether in the health, finance or legal fields, certain information must remain confidential, for obvious reasons.

Risks of Fraud

Sensitive financial information that would fall into the wrong hands can generate problems for customers, employees, or the organization itself, such as fraud.

For example, when a credit card number is intercepted by a hacker, they could immediately start making online purchases in the cardholder’s name.  Other information such as account numbers, PINs (personal identification numbers) or passwords must also be exchanged with great care.

The risks of fraud associated with confidential data are such that some business sectors have even begun to put in place strict regulations or policies regarding the exchange of information. In this regard, the most reliable secure data exchange systems must meet regulatory compliance.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is another type of scam that can be caused by a lack of security when exchanging confidential files. With some personal information such as name, address and social insurance number, a criminal can easily pass himself or herself off as someone else and then take advantage of it, damaging that person’s reputation.

Some hackers are very ingenious and can access databases of public or private organizations, where a wealth of sensitive data is stored. If the information is not properly protected, they can use it to commit all kinds of wrongdoing.


XMedius SENDSECURE: a fast and simple secure file exchange solution

In light of this information, you surely have a better understanding of what a secure file exchange platform is, as well as its usefulness. Companies handling sensitive data should therefore consider a secure exchange tool that guarantees the confidentiality of documents and the protection of personal information against the threat of hacking.

XM SendSecure is driven by over 25 years of secure file exchange innovation. Available with Cloud or on-premises deployments, Sendsecure can bring peace of mind to an organization and its customers.

To be advised on the SENDSECURE solution best suited to your company, do not hesitate to contact our experts.




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