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Preserving Voice Auto Attendant Coverage After Nuance SpeechAttendant and IncendoNet SpeechBridge Ends of Life

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Many organizations have come to rely on speech-enabled automated attendants in their customer service strategy. Not only do they save callers time and confusion, increasing satisfaction, but they’re fast becoming the de facto expectation, especially with the rise of voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa. Where DTMF (aka “touch tone”) numerical input auto attendants are starting to be phased out, your organization might seem behind the times if you’re still using one instead of speech recognition.

Unfortunately shifts in the industry are about to leave some organizations in a tough spot as their speech attendant solutions are discontinued. If you rely on a Nuance SpeechAttendant®, Open SpeechAttendant®, or IncendoNet SpeechBridge® solution to field incoming calls, read on to discover what you can do.

Nuance Discontinuing SpeechAttendant® (SA) and Open SpeechAttendant® (OSA)

On December 4th, 2019, Nuance announced to their partners that they will be discontinuing both their SpeechAttendant® and Open SpeechAttendant® products. Nuance will continue to operate and is redirecting their focus to their Conversational AI solutions.

How much time do you have?

Nuance ended all sales of new SA and OSA installs on December 31st, 2019, though they will continue to allow expansions (adding ports, entries, etc) to existing deployments through the end of March. Sustaining support for both solutions will finish at the end of 2020, with extended support finishing at the end of 2021.

Both products will continue to be functional after the end of these deadlines, however customers run the risk of errors, compatibility failures when connected solutions are updated, security vulnerabilities, and other major issues developing without support. Obviously, there will also no longer be any additional features added, nor other updates.

Is Nuance providing an alternative solution?

No. To quote Nuance’s communications to direct customers and partners surrounding the end of life (EOL) announcement:

“Nuance is not planning to provide any solutions in the auto attendant space as there are others [sic] solutions in the market with similar functionalities.”

Fortunately for Nuance SA & OSA customers, XMedius provides an ideal alternative – a highly interoperable Speech Auto Attendant solution.

IncendoNet Goes Out of Business

Now that IncendoNet has gone out of business, that puts organizations relying on their SpeechBridge® solution in a precarious position. Critical patches, new versions, additional integrations, and future support are out of reach. In order to ensure things continue to work smoothly, it’s time to find an alternative.

CX-E – the Easy, Powerful Replacement

While Nuance is discontinuing their automated attendant solutions, they are continuing to develop their excellent speech recognition technology and license it to partners. CX-E’s speech automated attendant is actually built upon Nuance’s recognition engine, so former Nuance customers will feel right at home with the system’s accuracy.

Industry-Leading Interoperability

CX-E continues to lead the industry in its ability to seamlessly integrate into almost any Unified Communications infrastructure. Regardless of the hardware/software your phone system is built upon (Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, Mitel, Alcatel-Lucent, NEC, etc.)

Expandable Communications Potential

CX-E isn’t just an automated attendant product, it’s a full suite of Unified Communications applications. Beyond replacing your Nuance solution, it can also bring Unified Messaging, Speech Personal Assistant, and more to your organization.

Reach out to us to learn more about what CX-E can do for you, and how easy integrating it into your existing infrastructure can be.




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