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Are secure file transfer solutions useful for educational institutions?

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Every day, educational institutions must share a wealth of information about their students and teachers with a variety of stakeholders. Most of the time, this is done to ensure student success and good school management.

While schools clearly need effective document sharing tools, do they need special secure file transfer solutions?

Protecting the privacy of students, their parents and teachers

Some of the data contained in the documents shared by educational institutions is of a confidential nature. To ensure the privacy of both students and staff, government organizations have put in place a number of laws and regulations. These standards, similar to those imposed on many other areas of the public sector (HIPAA, GDPR, etc.), regulate the collection, storage, use and transmission of information.

This means that the use of a secure file transfer solution for schools is not only recommended, but required in many countries.

How can an exchange platform guarantee information security?

A high quality secure file exchange platform uses several mechanisms to ensure completely confidential data transfer. For example, documents can be downloaded from a virtual safe, which is only accessible to the recipient. In addition, each activity carried out in this safe is logged and a report is available to the sender.

Such a platform should scan files with an antivirus program to detect spyware and other malware, and encrypt them during transmission and storage. Sold encryption makes files extremely difficult to decode by any fraudsters intercepting them (and thus, unusable).

Solutions that simplify information sharing between teachers, researchers and staff

Although security is undoubtedly a priority for educational institutions looking for a file-sharing platform, there are several other advantages to be gained from such a communications tool.

Certain telecommunications solutions effectively make exchanges between stakeholders much more fluid while ensuring their confidentiality.

A secure file transfer solution that seamlessly integrates with Outlook

One of the advantages of some secure file transfer software is the ability to integrate it into an Outlook mailbox. This makes sending and receiving files extremely easy and user-friendly by leveraging a tool that most people are familiar with, rather than a new interface.

A mobile-friendly platform

Since many school professionals don’t always have access to a computer, using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets to transfer files is very convenient.

A secure file transfer solution for schools

In short, schools have a responsibility to ensure the security of the sensitive information they store and share. They must therefore ensure that they use highly secure transfer methods to prevent data leaks.

At XMedius, we have developed a range of secure file transfer tools that meet the highest standards of personal information security. Our XMedius SendSecure solution is ideal for schools and many other industries.

Contact our experts today to find out how we can optimize the security and fluidity of your telecommunications.

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