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Successful partnerships: driving product innovation

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In the high-tech world, the pace of change can be breathtaking. Today’s breakthrough product is almost instantly seized upon for ongoing refinements and re-inventions, and is ultimately transformed. Without this transformation, technology quickly becomes obsolete. We innovate, or we disappear.

Team work on product innovations

This is a story about how product innovation can be driven by successful partnerships.

I am a Strategic Partner Manager for Sagemcom, and not long ago one of our partners came to us looking for a way to stay ahead of the transformation curve. This partner specializes in providing document technology solutions, and they needed a way to address the industry-wide migration away from analog telephone networks and to Voice-over-IP solutions. The partner came to us because I was familiar with their culture and internal processes, and because we had built a reputation for our culture of innovation and our core expertise in developing robust, leading-edge Fax-over-IP solutions. Knowing the partner’s processes, their challenges, and how they operate at a leadership level helped tremendously in establishing our partnership, and enabled us to work together to develop and implement an effective SMB go-to-market plan.

What made this project especially rewarding is that it led us to develop an innovative new product that would directly respond to their customers’ specific needs. The product is the XMediusCLOUD fax app, an exclusive Fax-over-IP solution that leverages the partner’s specific technology platform. Once we had developed the product, we worked with the partner to introduce it to their channels.

This process included:
• National kickoff meetings and multiple Webinars for USCG, GIS, ECG and DMO channels to announce and share information on the XMediusCLOUD fax app project
• Virtual demos to clearly illustrate the features and benefits of the XMediusCLOUD fax App
• Customer facing demonstrations to test the marketplace and obtain real customer feedback

I’m pleased to say that XMediusCLOUD fax app has already demonstrated successful results. A USCG Reseller, for example, was able to reduce a customer’s phone line expenses by 65% and sell them new MFPs with higher margins by eliminating fax boards and analog phone lines.

That’s a win-win for everyone. And here’s what’s really exciting: the XMediusCLOUD fax App was the first app to complete the partner’s rigorous time-to-market process. Now, the road is paved for other third party apps to enrich the partner’s app portfolio—so the future is very bright!