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3 Unified Communications Highlights from 2018

2019 has just begun, so it’s time we looked back over 2018 and took stock of the major stories in the Unified Communications (UC) industry. What effects did they have and what might they mean for [...]

The Future of Unified Communications is Voice

In a sense, the Unified Communications sphere is coming full circle. The unsung hero of UC systems is voicemail, the feature that everyone needs to have, but nobody feels it’s necessary to talk [...]

How a Personal Assistant Empowers Employees

Whether on your phone, tablet, computer, car, voice-interface device, or elsewhere, voice-driven personal assistants are becoming an ever-more present fixture of our lives. Consumer assistants [...]

What is DID/DDI?

DID (Direct Inward Dial) and DDI (Direct Dial-In) are two different names for the same telephonic functionality. DID is the term most often used in the US, while the use of DDI is more common in [...]

What is an Automated Attendant?

An Automated Attendant (aka Auto Attendant, Virtual Receptionist, Digital Receptionist) is an application that answers calls in order to provide information and transfer callers along a phone [...]

What is the ISDN?

ISDN stands for “Integrated Services Data Network”, which is a set of communication standards for using the conventional phone network to transfer information beyond simple voice calls. It is [...]

What is IVR?

IVR stands for “Interactive Voice Response” (aka Voice Response Unit, VRU). It’s a key technology used by many enterprise-level organizations for interacting with the public and, in some cases, [...]

What is a SBC?

SBC stands for “Session Border Controller”. It’s a device typically found in an organization’s telephony networks, facilitating security, quality of service, data-based communications (VoIP, [...]

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