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Why Do Organizations Still Choose an On-Premises Solution in the Age of the Cloud

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Cloud solutions offer a lot of potential benefits for organizations looking to upgrade their communications infrastructure. They can be scalable, reliable (thanks to geo-redundancy & high availability options), and can allow reductions in staff costs. However, they aren’t for everyone. Some organizations have requirements that Cloud can’t fulfill at this time.

1. A Hands-On Approach

Cloud deployments typically get managed outside of the organization. For large enterprises or organizations in regulated industries, handling sensitive data carries with it significant risks. If it is mismanaged, the organization could be fined, or worse, a poor reputation could be the result, causing business to evaporate. Everything is riding on the host of your organization’s communications solution.

When there is an outage or a system failure, getting the critical services to your organization back up and running is again left up to the host. In contrast, an on-premises solution allows your team of experts to take matters into their own hands and resolve them as quickly as possible.


2. Following Industry Rules and Regulations

If an organization is in a highly regulated industry, like finance or healthcare, there are strict compliance standards that need to be followed such as HIPAA and SOX. Not every cloud provider offers the right security measures for every organization. Some organizations need to keep their communications out of the Cloud and in their physical control.


3. What Level of Support Do You Expect?

If your organization is used to having the best of the best in-house, migrating to a cloud might be too painful at this time. Internal support who knows your systems integrations inside and out can ensure rapid response times, easily troubleshoot system failures, and ensure protocols are followed. It can be hard for executives to give up being able to walk down the hall and knock on the system administrator’s door.



Different organizations have different budgeting habits and limitations. Some might need to plan for a one-time expense instead of a subscription-based service. This can be the case for charities, businesses, and government offices who know they have the budget now, but can’t easily predict fluctuations in donations, allotments, or business in the future.

The upfront cost can be less with an OPEX model communications solution; however, the overall cost continues for its ongoing services. With a CAPEX model, the ongoing costs are smaller, with much of the expense front-loaded.


XMedius Enterprise Communications Solutions

XMedius has developed a powerful range of enterprise-grade communications applications, such as FoIP, Unified Messaging/Voicemail, Call Center, Secure File Transfer, and more. These solutions are designed to deliver excellent ROI by increasing efficiency while preserving operational security.

We offer our Unified Communications and secure document exchange products both in the Cloud and On-Premises, allowing organizations to utilize the model that works best for them.

Both deployment styles of our products have options that include high availability, security to keep your communications safe, and interoperability to leverage your existing infrastructure and meet the changes of tomorrow. Contact our team of experts today to find the right solution to suit your organization’s needs.



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