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High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Floods, fires, freezing rain, tornadoes, blizzards – every month brings news stories of regional disasters around the world. From simple power outages and equipment failures, to fires, or even your PBX or data server ending up underwater – how prepared is your enterprise to deal with disaster?

We all operate in an unpredictable and competitive world – business, education, finance, legal, healthcare – every industry must be ready to deal with the unexpected. High availability and disaster recovery features should be an integral part of your digital infrastructure.

High Availability

Durability. It’s the key to high availability. Engineering systems to operate continuously without failure for a very long time. The goal is to avoid any downtime or data loss in your operations.

High availability in communications infrastructure is achieved through redundancy: redundant components, power supplies, hardware and software, automated backup systems, even geo-redundant servers located in different regions around a country or across the globe.

Engineering your digital systems for long, uninterrupted service is vitally important for an enterprise-class solution. Even a few minutes of downtime can impact operations, costing time and money that all too frequently cannot be recouped. High availability is the first step to a highly reliable communications solution.


Disaster Recovery

If disaster does strike, how prepared is your organization or enterprise?

Disasters are not scheduled. They frequently arrive unannounced. The U.S. Small Business Administration reports an estimated 25 percent of businesses fail to reopen following a major disaster. It is essential to have a well-defined disaster recovery plan.

In a disaster recovery plan, critical enterprise resources should be identified and safeguarded. Your unified communications solution is a vital component, in many cases, the most vital component, when recovering from a disaster. During and after a disaster, communications, particularly powerful UC mobile solutions, can help mitigate the impact of the chaos and confusion.

Having a documented plan to react, and even thrive, in the face of a natural or man-made disaster should be an important part of any business plan.

Engineered for Reliability

XMedius solutions are engineered with uninterrupted service top of mind. From options that include geo-redundancy, automated backup, high availability and disaster recovery features, and automatic failover protocols, our solutions are built to keep you connected.

  • Multi-servers for High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery through remote servers
  • A Powerful and Secure Mobile Client
  • Redundant Server Components
  • Automated Backup Systems

Visit our secure hosting facilities page to learn about our partnerships that enable us to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of user voice and data communications.


Want to learn more about how your business and IT infrastructure could benefit from uninterrupted service? Speak with an expert today about solutions tailored to your specific needs.