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The Challenges of Interoperability

Amidst all the changes in communications technology and vendors, businesses and organizations of all sizes face serious interoperability challenges when it comes to investing in enterprise-class communications solutions, such as:

  • Multiple telephony platforms due to mergers and acquisitions
  • Multiple locations with different vendor technologies
  • Disruption among major telecom vendors
  • Technology shifts to the Cloud

Multiple Telecom Vendors

The one consistent factor is disruption. All enterprises and large organizations have substantial investments in their existing infrastructure. They simply cannot transition to new systems with a quick decision and overnight implementation. Security and compliance are also key concerns.

Many enterprises today have UC systems from Avaya, Alcatel, Cisco, Mitel, Microsoft, NEC, or ShoreTel. It’s not uncommon for an enterprise to have multiple systems from multiple vendors in multiple locations.

With the interoperability of CX-E , these enterprises can extend the life of their existing infrastructure, even disparate platforms, while enhancing their capabilities with the latest communications technology, and centralizing system control and administration.


Moving UC Applications to the Cloud

Moving communications to the Cloud is an increasingly popular option for enterprise IT infrastructure. But how to move to the cloud in pieces, retaining the choice of which components to move and which to keep on-premises?

CX-E provides options, its broad interoperability keeps vendor lock-in off the playing field. CX-E is available in any delivery and consumption model, on-premises or in the Cloud. Move UC components at your own pace, based on your needs, not a vendor’s preferences. The interoperability of CX-E ensures your investments will work together seamlessly.


Unified Communications

Unified communications by its very nature is a large, constantly changing bundle of communications hardware and software. UC includes phones, email systems, call control solutions, mobile technologies, etc. The entire data infrastructure should work in concert, connected and coordinated.

To optimize your infrastructure amidst the rapid changes in technology, and government regulations that seek to keep up with these changes, investing in a highly interoperable, flexible solution, one with the capability to easily scale with your demands, becomes the smart decision.

Enterprise-Class Interoperability

CX-E is designed for compatibility with your entire digital infrastructure:

  • Phone and Email systems
  • Applications and Databases
  • Enterprise Resource Planning solutions
  • Customer Relationship Management solutions
  • Cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services

Take charge of your communications future. Whether you have current investments in Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, or other vendors, CX-E unites them, together with your other digital investments, into a powerful, unified communications solution.


Engineered for Compatibility

CX-E is engineered with a high level of interoperability to protect your UC investment while ensuring a seamless connection to your existing, and future, communications infrastructure.

  • CX-E works with all major telephony systems
  • CX-E is a secure UC solution, on-premises to Cloud
  • CX-E protects and extends the life of your existing PBX
  • CX-E is engineered for flexibility to adapt to changes in technology

CX-E provides secure, reliable, feature-rich and scalable enterprise-class UC applications: an advanced mobile client delivering secure messaging, intelligent call processing, IVR, unified messaging, speech-enabled personal assistant, notification, call center and more.

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