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Mobile Unified Communications (UC)

Our mobile applications provide the security you need for your employees to manage their communications from anywhere.

If you need to securely exchange documents or manage your calls, emails, fax messages contacts and calendar while on-the-go, we have a solution for you.

Mobility for the Digital Workplace

In today’s digital-first world, mobility has empowered workers to continue their work no matter where they are. Mobile applications empower users while they are on the road or working somewhere besides their everyday desk. Through advanced mobile applications, your team can keep the communications going.


We are All Mobile

Employees that are constantly on the road or working remotely don’t always have access to the same tools as when they’re in the office. With advanced applications, you enable your employees to be more mobile. They can’t always wait until they get back to their hotel room or until they are in the office again just because they didn’t have the right applications to keep up with your communications.

Work is Not a Location

We all work in various locations from time to time. We might start the day in the office at our desk, go out to appointments and meetings and finish the day working from home. Business processes shouldn’t stop when we aren’t at our desks –  keep the conversations going with powerful enterprise communications solutions enhanced with mobility.


Boost Employee Productivity

Integrating secure mobile applications within your enterprise allows your employees to be more flexible. They can be more productive from anywhere, when they go from meeting to meeting or anytime they need to complete tasks. They can resolve customer queries while on-the-go, helping your organization redefine outstanding customer service. Mobility gives your employees options, so they can choose the device of their preference. Don’t limit your employees with only one way to manage their communications, give them the power of mobility.

XMedius Mobile Solutions

With mobility at the front of people’s minds, calls can’t be sent to just one number. With the CX-E intelligent Personal Assistant, contextual information is used to best route calls much more efficiently and dramatically increases first-time call completion.