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Enhance Skype for Business

Enterprise-Class Applications for Skype for Business

Skype for Business as a PBX Replacement

Skype for Business has emerged as a major unified communications option for the enterprise. Organizations of all sizes are exploring the potential of Skype for Business as a platform for voice communications, replacing their current PBX.

The roadblock for most organizations and enterprises is how to migrate to Skype for Business from their present infrastructure. What’s the transition strategy? Should they go all in or retain some of their existing infrastructure and make it work with Skype for Business? Can they migrate individual departments, business units or locations one at a time, on their own designated schedule?

Skype for Business offers voice communications with a rich mix of UC offerings, including presence, instant messaging and conferencing. But does Skype for Business as a PBX replacement offer the full range of unified communications features enterprise-class users have become accustomed to? Applications that meet their compliance and confidentiality requirements?


Microsoft Gold Partner

XMedius is a Microsoft Gold Partner with competencies in Communications and Messaging, placing us in the top 1% of the Microsoft Partner ecosystem. We’ve certified integration to Skype for Business and Exchange in our labs so that we can help our enterprise customers shift to new technologies, like Skype for Business and Office365, at their own pace.

Skype for Business for the Enterprise

XM Connect (formerly known as CX-E) can provide key enhancements to an enterprise-class Skype for Business deployment. Beyond integrating Skype for Business with all major PBXs in the marketplace, XM Connect also provides the following functionality:

While these are just some of the enterprise-class UC applications we provide for Skype for Business, first and foremost, we’ve concentrated on engineering and delivering interoperability – designing a smooth migration path from current telephony technologies to a Skype for Business future.


Integrating Skype for Business into an Existing PBX Environment

XM Connect provides an efficient, cost-effective way to migrate to Skype for Business. Whether you plan to replace your PBX or co-exist in a branch office with your existing PBX(s). XM Connect offers a bridge between your current UC platform – be it Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Genband, or other telephony system. With over 400 integrations, from traditional TDM systems to Internet Protocol (IP) systems – XM Connect enables your existing telephony solution to work together with Skype for Business. To learn more about XM Connect applications for Skype for Business, download our free white paper, Five Ways to Enhance Skype for Business.

XM Connect delivers a single, centralized unified communications solution that integrates with any multi-vendor PBX environment you have today or are planning for in the future – on-premises to Cloud.

XM Connect Unified Communications Software

XM Connect delivers secure, reliable, feature-rich, and scalable enterprise-class UC applications to augment any Skype for Business deployment: an advanced mobile client delivering secure messaging, intelligent call processing, IVR, unified messaging, speech-enabled personal assistant, notification, secure voice messaging, call center, and more.

Discover how you can make the most out of your Skype for Business environment with XM Connect. Speak with an expert today about taking your communications to the next level.