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Team Communications

An Effective Team Communications Solution

Along with technology, the workplace is advancing. From IT help desks, technical support groups, sales support and service departments, to hospital administrators and university staff all tend to work in teams while often not even being in the same physical location. They have their individual tasks they manage from day-to-day, but still need to field calls as a team. An informal call center solution can help your team manage the incoming calls they receive.


Multi-Functional Teams

Many workers handle variety of responsibilities around the office. Sometimes they need to manage calls as just one part of their job, but they are not a traditional call center, it is just one aspect of their daily tasks. Think of your IT help desks, technical support groups, or sales departments. They may handle multiple calls throughout their day, answering various queries, but they still need to keep up with other responsibilities.

You’re Not a Traditional Call Center

Your group of knowledge workers needs an efficient way to manage multiple calls coming in. They need a way to pull calls, rather than a traditional hunt group where calls can go to any agent on the team. When you pull calls, your team is able to best decide which calls they are able to help resolve. Because of the pull method, your team can be mobile, working from a variety of locations.


Reduce Costs and Complexity

A full-blown contact center requires agents to be taking call after call. In a hunt group setting, calls ring a group of phone lines until someone answers the call. Find a solution that meets the needs of your knowledge workers, while reducing costs for your organization. If you are a business that does not require a traditional call center, you can reduce costs by implementing a different method for managing calls. You need a solution that meets the demands of your unique team.

TeamQ – Informal Call Center

TeamQ® is an informal call center that enables your knowledge workers to make smarter decisions. Your team might be juggling multiple service requests, solving problems and fielding calls, all while having a variety of other tasks they manage as part of their daily routine. With TeamQ, they are able to view the calls in the queue to make an informed decision of which call to pull first. Your group of knowledge workers have the ability to indicate when they take a call, finish a call, and inform their team when they are available for another call. All of these features help your team perform more efficiently.


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