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Voice Applications and Solutions

Organizations all over the world rely on their mission-critical business communications as they continue to meet the ever-changing demands of the enterprise associated with Cloud, mobilitySkype for Business and more.

Communicating is how enterprises interact with customers and partners, whether it is picking up the phone or sending them an email. It all starts with empowering your workforce with the right Unified Communications (UC) voice applications.

Transform Productivity in Your Enterprise

Are you working with outdated communications applications? Does your IT infrastructure consist of elements from different vendors? Your workforce should not have to struggle with their everyday communications tools.

A communications solution transforms the productivity of individuals, teams and businesses. You want your communications platform to leverage and enhance your IT infrastructure, while streamlining the way your employees work. With the right voice applications deployed in your infrastructure, your employees, customers, and partners will all stay connected.


Next-Generation Communications Solutions

You don’t want to keep replacing your current technologies time after time. You want to extend the life of them while providing your employees with powerful voice applications for communications. The budget for your UC landscape might be tight and it takes time to plan your reference architecture. You use your communications applications day after day, communicating internally and externally, they are critical to your organization.

Meet the Demands of Your Enterprise

Every organization has specific demands that need to be met. They are looking for a more secure, reliable, feature-rich and scalable solution that can help them be more efficient in their day-to-day operations. By updating your mission-critical voice applications like Voicemail, Unified Messaging, Automated Attendant, and more, you are changing the way your employees work.


CX-E – Our UC platform

CX-E  is ideally suited to ease the transition to your digital future – no matter what your UC landscape is today, or how it will look in the future. We continue to build upon our UC platform to future-proof today and tomorrow’s IT infrastructure. If you have multiple vendors playing key roles in your organization, CX-E is the industry’s most interoperable communications platform to help leverage and enhance your technologies. Our UC platform allows for all of your telephony systems, email platforms, instant messaging, calendar, mobile devices, and enterprise databases to work together seamlessly.