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Essential to Your Digital Future

Many of the major UC vendors bundle their advanced technologies with a PBX/IP-PBX, requiring enterprises to rip and replace their communications landscape.

This forces enterprises to lock-in with one vendor, which could be unappealing to customers because of the associated costs and need to get rid of their existing UC investments. Many customers want to leverage and enhance their existing IT infrastructure with a flexible UC platform that can evolve alongside their business needs.

Disparate Technologies Can Work Together

Your infrastructure might be getting old and full of disparate technologies. You need to find a way to bridge the gap between your legacy IT infrastructure and your future digital investments. The budget you have isn’t going to be able to replace everything in your existing environment, you need a solution that can leverage what you have and enhance your business applications.


Ease of Scalability

Companies can grow overnight through mergers and acquisitions and need the ability to scale. When companies look at deploying new technologies into their infrastructure, they are looking for current conditions, not what could potentially happen in the future. With a solution that allows you to keep your existing technologies, there is no need to rip out the old and replace with a new solution, saving your infrastructure money.

Your Evolving IT Infrastructure

As your infrastructure evolves, you add business applications that improve employee productivity and efficiency. You deploy the applications as you need them. Your current infrastructure did not happen overnight; it has grown into what it is today. You need a solution that allows all of your communications to work together in harmony.


Bridge to Your Digital Future

The interoperability of CX-E allows you to build a bridge from your past infrastructure to future technologies, at your own pace. Premise or cloud, it all starts with our unique interoperability with telephony systems, email platforms, instant messaging, calendar, mobile devices and enterprise databases. CX-E can be put in the middle of the most complex environments to create the UC landscape your enterprise needs.