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Online fax services: digital fax solutions for any industry

XMedius online fax services are available around the world and across a diverse number of industries. Whether in on-premises or cloud deployments, our services are always designed to simplify user communications.

This is why, as a global leader in the field of digital fax, we are proud to serve many industry sectors.

Discover online fax services for a variety of industries

XMediusFAX provides online fax services and solutions (FoIP) to a number of industries that must adhere to strict compliance and regulatory mandates. In doing so, it helps organizations optimize and secure their document workflows. Because of its scalability and flexible licensing models, XMediusFAX has been deployed by thousands of companies globally including small businesses, enterprise-class organizations, service providers and everything in between.

Our customer base spans across a wide variety of vertical markets: healthcare, government, education, finance, legal and many more.


Our digital fax solutions for the healthcare industry help you easily meet HIPAA requirements and prevent important documents containing patient information from being mishandled.

Learn more about our secure document sharing for healthcare.


Government organizations have many compliance risks when it comes to document security. With our online fax services, government offices can eliminate paper fax to simplify compliance and reduce costs.

Learn more about our  solution for government


XMedius digital fax solutions enable educational institutions to eliminate costs associated with traditional fax and increase their productivity while having access to first-rate customer support.

Learn more about our IT solutions for education


XMedius online fax services for the legal industry provide reliable security for confidential documents, help reduce costs for the law firm and boost efficiency by simplifying document management.

Learn more about our fax software for law firms


Financial sector companies must deal with important compliance concerns when handling sensitive documents on a daily basis. Integrating our online fax solution allows banking and finance companies to eliminate the security issues related to traditional fax.

Learn more about secure information exchange for banking and finance

Find the ideal digital fax solution for your business

At XMedius, we understand that every business has their own set of precise needs and goals. This is why we are committed to providing online fax services that are tailored to your particular industry.

With more than 20 years of experience in fax technologies, our specialists have the expertise to guide you through the features that make our digital fax solutions unique and innovative. Our team wants to contribute to the success of your business. Contact us and we will be pleased to discuss solutions best suited to your specific needs.