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A Solid Communications Foundation
for a Stronger Business

XMedius products are in service around the world, across diverse industries. Whether deployed on-premises or in the Cloud, our solutions empower staff, simplify communications, boost call completion, improve document security, and assist with crucial regulation compliance.

Discover how XMedius supports various industries below:


Our data solutions for the healthcare industry help you comply with HIPAA patient information control & record-keeping requirements, while preventing important documents from being mishandled.

Our interoperable voice solution, CX-E , leverages your existing and evolving infrastructure. XMedius does not constrain you to one single vendor. Our open approach allows the healthcare industry to roadmap to their future technologies.


Document security is paramount for many government bodies, and XM Fax is a preferred provider of fax communications solutions for the United States and Canadian governments, available through the U. S. General Services Administration Schedule (GSA) and the Canadian Government’s Software Licensing Arrangement (SLSA). Our unified communications can also make a multitude of improvements across your offices that add up to real savings in time and productivity.


XMedius digital fax, secure file transfer, and unified communications solutions enable educational institutions to streamline their communications efforts across campuses, departments, student health services, and labs.


The bigger the organization, the more crucial (and complex) communications systems become. XMedius solutions are designed from the ground up to make life easier and more productive for enterprise-level businesses.


Financial companies must deal with important compliance concerns when handling sensitive documents on a daily basis. XMedius FoIP and secure file transfer solutions blend ease of use with powerful security and automated records-taking to generate audit trails.

Beyond data solutions, XMedius also offers unified communications solutions that can enhance your existing UC landscape and increase staff productivity.


The legal sector needs effective communications solutions in place to respond to complex situations in a timely matter while preserving the security and integrity of sensitive information. XMedius offers several products that speak directly to these requirements.


Communication is vital in the hospitality industry, but the constant ebb and flow of guests can make it difficult for your infrastructure to keep up. XMedius offers a unified communications solution that integrates with leading property management software systems to automatically shift as your clientele does. Additional applications allow you to replace outdated fax machines with cutting edge FoIP technology and stay connected to guests.

Find the ideal solution for your business

At XMedius, we understand that each industry has their own set of precise needs and goals. This is why we offer comprehensive solutions for your specific business needs.

Our specialists have the expertise to guide you through the features that make our solutions unique and innovative, all you have to do is reach out and tell us what you need.