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XMedius Campus Communication Solutions
for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions around the world trust XMedius to provide them with campus communications solutions that meet their demands – connecting multiple campuses under a single system, ensuring documents are securely transmitted, powerful notification functionality, feature-rich customizable voicemail, and much more.

A lot happens on campus, your communications system needs to be powerful and flexible enough to suit your needs. When you consider the amount of personal, financial, and educational information that schools and other institutions send and receive, it’s easy to see where traditional communications fall short. Laws obligate your institution to safeguard these documents, and XMedius data solutions make compliance easy.

As part of our campus communications services, XMedius solutions provide much-needed security for sensitive school documents, drive day-to-day efficiency, and leverage your existing and evolving IT environment.

Discover the numerous benefits our education communications software has to offer.

Fax Software that Reduces Costs and Hassles

One of the major benefits educational institutions experience with XMedius IT solutions for schools is that there’s no more need for IT staff to manage and troubleshoot fax machines and servers. Your institution will also immediately benefit from eliminating the cost of fax hardware, paper, toner, and maintenance associated with a traditional fax setup.


Centralized IT solutions to meet regulation compliance

Federal regulations, such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA or the Buckley Amendment) require educational institutions to give students easy access to their education records. The exchange of transcripts adds to the already high volume of data transmissions educational institutions send and receive daily, and the most popular method used by institutions is traditional fax.

Regulatory compliance and operational efficiency also get a boost from the detailed records and audit trails of all sent and received faxes that our solutions keep, so say goodbye to having to maintain a physical paper trail.


Selecting a Secure UC Solution

Upgrading your campus communications system means finding a flexible solution that provides key functionality and end-to-end security. When finding a new solution, you want it to meet the demands of your educational institution. Making certain secure messaging and bringing your own device (BYOD) policies are supported. Our Unified Messaging solution includes a highly secure mobile client that supports TLS for message encryption and is compatible with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365, Google Gmail, IBM Notes, and any IMAP4 compliant email system.


Future-Proof Your PBX Investments

You want to invest in technology that will grow with your infrastructure well into the future. You need an interoperable solution that offers seamless integrations with all major communications platforms – Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, NEC, Mitel, and more – to help extend the life of your current IT infrastructure and evolve with the changes of tomorrow. Centralize and enhance your educational institution’s communications.

Request a free personalized demo to see how CX-E can work for you.

Best-in-Class Support

The XMedius customer and tech support teams offer end-to-end support for anything you may need along the way – from onboarding to troubleshooting. By outsourcing your telecom concerns, you free up teachers, administrators, and IT staff from having to deal with any phone or fax-related issues. We offer hotline support and remote assistance 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.


Discover the ideal communication solutions for the education sector

Want to learn more about secure campus communications solutions and how they could work for your specific needs? We’re here for any questions you may have. Speak with an expert today to explore your options.