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PEPPM Contract

Take advantage of the PEPPM buying vehicle to streamline your purchasing process.

XMedius PEPPM Contracts

XMedius’s solutions are on the PEPPM contract, a national technology cooperative purchasing program which enables school districts, colleges, cities, counties, state governments, libraries, and other public agencies and nonprofits to make immediate purchases of needed Unified Communications applications and technology products.

The PEPPM program reduces the time, effort and cost of purchasing technology products by eliminating the need for public agencies to bid. It ensures the most favorable pricing and complete bid protection.

Under the PEPPM program, all 50 U.S. states can utilize these contracts to ease the purchasing of XMedius XM Connect Unified Communications applications including voicemail, unified messaging, mobile client, speech-enabled personal assistant, automated attendant, IVR, call center, and notification.



XMedius has been awarded a multi-state contract (all states with the exception of CA) by PEPPM Pennsylvania.

PEPPM PA Contract Number:529461-051
PEPPM PA Expiration Date :December 31, 2021


XMedius has also been awarded a multi-state contract by PEPPM California.

PEPPM CA Contract Number: 529561-082
PEPPM CA Expiration Date :December 31, 2021

Contracts Administrator

Contracts Administrator

Dana Morio

email: dana.morio@xmedius.com