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Texas DIR Contract

Take advantage of the State of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) buying vehicle to streamline your purchasing process.

AVST Texas DIR Contract

AVST has been awarded a new Texas DIR software contract # DIR-TS0-3414. Operated and administered by the state of Texas, this contract streamlines the buying process for Texas state and local government agencies, as well as K-12 public and higher education systems who acquire AVST’s XM Connect Unified Communications (UC) solution.


There are many advantages for local agencies and educational institutions to work with DIR contracted vendors, including cost-savings and time. When it comes to cost-savings, DIR leverages the volume buying power of the state of Texas to negotiate competitive pricing, which translates into a substantial cost-savings. In addition, DIR has completed all of the time consuming procurement work as all contracts have been competitively bid, so agencies and institutions are not required to prepare competitive solicitations or evaluate responses.

AVST’s Texas DIR contract includes AVST XM Connect, the industry’s most interoperable UC platform. See Texas DIR pricing. XM Connect UC applications include unified messaging, secure voice messaging, automated attendant, IVR, mobile client, speech-enabled personal assistant, call center, and notification.

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Important Information:

Contract Number:DIR-TSO-3414
Contract Exp Date:April 5, 2019
Vendor ID:1562397438
Contact Us:Click here to contact the sales representative for your region
DIR Website:Click here to go to Texas DIR website for AVST
ICT:Click here for more information on Texas DIR Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Cooperative Contracts program

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