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XMedius Healthcare Data Security
and Communication Solutions

Today’s healthcare professionals realize the importance of data security and unified communications. Every day, healthcare organizations of all sizes share confidential data such as Protected Health Information (PHI), patient data, test results, lab reports, and billing info.

Traditional methods of sharing files over email, FTP and VPN fail to meet today’s high security standards, and often run the risk of violating  HIPAA compliance. Healthcare communications infrastructures often contain elements from mixed vendors, adding unnecessary delays to mission-critical communications in an industry where patient care is highly time sensitive.

Secure online fax that meets HIPAA compliance requirements

Traditional faxing methods don’t guarantee that sent data will always fall into the right hands – whether you’re sending documents to another department or to an external entity.

Our solutions for the healthcare industry eliminate the mishandling of your sensitive documents by ensuring that they are routed directly to recipients and provide a complete audit trail of transactions to meet HIPAA privacy compliance requirements and boost your organization’s efficiency.


Interoperability for your healthcare communications

Large healthcare organizations often have to deal with multiple systems built into their communications infrastructure including telephony, voicemail, intercom, email, EHR/EMR, and more. Our interoperable unified communications solutions enable integration between existing systems in a multiple-vendor environment. By connecting existing technologies and laying the ground for future IT investments, healthcare providers can successfully plan their roadmap for the future.

Seamless EHR/EMR Integration

In an industry that requires urgency when sharing sensitive documents, implementing a new solution shouldn’t slow down your organization’s workflow. XMedius healthcare data security solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing EHR/EMR system and IP PBX and mail server, requiring minimal administrative and user training.

After a solution is implemented, users will be able to securely send and receive patient files directly from their workstations, mobile devices, and existing multifunction printers (MFPs). Your organization will benefit from a boost in efficiency when it comes to handling medical billing, processing claims, and much more.

Learn more about our EHR/EMR Connectors


Increased mobility for the healthcare workforce

The healthcare industry operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week where there are often situations that require call routing, voicemail retrieval, sensitive document transmissions and more outside of office hours. XMedius communication solutions allow healthcare professionals to remain connected no matter where they are.  Whether with laptops, or through a smartphone or tablet using our mobile apps – all that’s needed is an internet connection.

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For more information on how your organization can benefit from using an industry-leading FoIP, unified communications, or secure file exchange, contact one of our experts today!