• Healthcare Information Security with XMediusFAX

  • XMediusFAX® in Healthcare

    In the Healthcare industry, documents need to be handled with a sense of urgency and with the highest levels of confidentiality. XMediusFAX® is a Fax-over-IP solution that improves the information workflow by:

    • Allowing medical institutions to secure their document transmissions
    • Fax enabling health-related IT systems, ideal for FoIP medical records and HIPAA compliant
    • Helping organizations to access time-sensitive patient information in a faster way
    • Automating delivery, receipt and tracking of health records and other sensitive documents
    • Facilitating compliance with HIPAA and other federal regulations
    • Increasing efficiency in medical billing and claims processing
    • Reducing hard costs associated with faxing

    Case studies

    Genex TriWest Institut Paoli-Calmettes GHER