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Communications Solutions for
the Hospitality Industry

Creating the best guest experience possible hinges on top notch, cost-effective communications. Guests need an easy way to reach out to hotel staff, while the staff needs an efficient way to communicate with guests and their colleagues.

Our hospitality communications solutions offer mission-critical features for hotel administration and their guests, such as Guest Messaging, Customizable Wake-Up Calls, Group Messaging, and integration with leading Property Management Systems (PMS).

Delight your guests in the hospitality industry

Our communications solutions allow you to be prepared for your busiest seasons, providing guests with five-star communications support in a way that’s fast and efficient for your staff. Through integration with your property management system, XM Hospitality can dynamically adjust each room’s voicemail, wake-up calls, and other telephony systems automatically, based on guest check-in, moves, and check-out.


Boost staff productivity

With XM Hospitality’s universal messaging and mobility features, staff is always reachable, regardless of where they are in your resort or facility. Now when your concierge needs the manager, they can reach them quickly without making guests wait.

Need to send a message to groups of guests? With XM Hospitality group messaging, recorded or text-to-speech messages can be distributed to groups of room phones (or across the whole facility), to effectively broadcast your message.

Evolve your fax beyond the old headaches

Hotel fax machines sit idle for long periods of time, but sometimes they’re essential. If the machine has broken down, or your staff doesn’t know how to troubleshoot it, important documents don’t get where they need to go. When your guests rely on these important documents, it can affect your ability to deliver top-notch customer service.

XM Fax integration allows you to discard outdated fax technology in favor of industry-leading Fax over IP (FoIP) functionality – your staff can easily send electronic documents as faxes direct from an email inbox or using a Multifunction Printer (MFP). Incoming faxes can be received digitally, ensuring pages can’t be misplaced and are kept safe until guests come to claim them.


Discover hospitality solutions that will help you boost staff communications and provide an enriched guest experience.  Speak with an expert today about how XM Hospitality can work for you.