• Law Office Technology from XMedius

  • XMediusFAX® in the Legal Sector

    Secure document delivery, storage, retrieval and destruction are critical requirements for law firms and legal departments in corporate organizations as millions of confidential and sensitive documents are sent and received every year. XMediusFAX® is a Sarbanes Oxley compliant FoIP solution that helps lawyers and legal organizations by:

    • Providing mobility options for legal professionals as faxes can be sent and received on smartphones, laptops and tablets
    • Offering integration with existing document management systems
    • Increasing document privacy with the encrypted delivery and reception of faxes
    • Facilitating the tracking and auditing of all sent and received documents
    • Eliminating the need to destroy paper files
    • Allowing easy cost accounting and flexible billing code models

    Case studies

    Arnall Golden Gregory