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XMedius Secure Legal Communications
Solutions for Law Firms

Secure communications are a major component of any legal practice. No matter the size of the practice itself, keeping up with the demands of clients and staff can be a challenge for legal professionals.

 Not only do legal practitioners need to be clear, timely, and efficient in their communications, they require higher security for the large volumes of sensitive data they handle. Discover solutions that leverage your existing IT infrastructure, boost productivity, and reinforce your law firm’s communications with advanced security features. Simplify your legal communications management today.

Streamline legal document faxing

Legal professionals throughout the world – whether in law firms, corporate legal departments, or otherwise – use fax daily to send and receive confidential documents with the courts, with clients, and with other attorneys. Most law offices rely on traditional fax, but a paper-based infrastructure lacks the security required for modern legal communications. Legal workers are also under more stringent regulations for the processing, transmission, and storage of client files than almost any other workforce, and therefore require leading-edge security features to enable compliance and elevate their data governance.

XMedius online fax solutions  deliver secure fax capabilities right to your workstation, laptop, and mobile device, making legal document management hassle-free. Learn more about the enhanced security features, deployment options, and easy-to-use interface of XM Fax with a personalized demo.


Securely transfer and track large files

As modern technology evolves, the types of documents that need to be transferred for legal proceedings become more complicated. You can’t fax a video, audio file, or high resolution image. For those things you need an alternative: secure file exchange.

XM SendSecure allows you to create double-encrypted, limited access, ephemeral SafeBoxes that can handle up to 5 terabytes of data. Customizable 2-factor authentication ensures only intended recipients have access, and every action within the SafeBox is documented.

Adhere to compliance regulations

Secure file transfer software used in the legal industry needs to protect your data while meeting Federal compliance regulations at all times. XMedius fax software for law firms allows you to send and receive sensitive legal documents in compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and more.

Learn more about our certifications and compliance.


Increase client satisfaction and speed proceedings with Unified Communications

Beyond transferring documents and files, the fact remains that the legal sector is one that hinges on timely communication between staff, customers, litigants, and the court.

Our feature-rich Unified Communications solution can dramatically boost call completion by automatically routing calls based on staff schedules, availability, and location. Customers will feel heard, and games of high stakes “phone-tag” will be dramatically shortened.

Boost productivity

Unified messaging is delivered to multiple email systems, both premise-based and the public cloud – including Microsoft Outlook and Office 365, IBM Notes, Google Gmail and any IMAP4 compliant email system. Users can see all of their case work communications, Voicemail, Fax, and Email, in a single view.

CX-E offers a range of other features for large firms and court systems, including:

  • Blending together multiple vendors and disparate telephony hardware into a cohesive and powerful unified communications solution.
  • Speech-enabled automated attendant for superior phone tree functionality.
  • Interactive Voice Response software for handling billing, juror inquiries, records requests, and more with intuitive, easily-expandable functionality.
  • Outgoing call or text notifications for class action participants, jury duty, policy changes and more.
  • Personal assistant so staff can manage schedules and messages with hands-free/ eyes-free access.

Learn more about our solutions for law firms

To learn more about how your practice can benefit from using Fax, Unified Communications (UC), and Secure Document Management developed by an industry-leading company, contact one of our experts today.