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With over 20 years of experience delivering online fax services, we’re able to offer the fastest and most reliable technology in the industry today. An XM Fax On-Premises fax solution allows your organization to send and receive confidential faxes in compliance with today’s strictest data management security standards.


Enjoy Cost Savings With On-Premises Fax

Organizations who choose an XM Fax On-Premises fax solution realize substantial cost savings. Our solutions take advantage of your existing IP infrastructure and eliminate costs for analog phone lines, maintenance, paper, supplies, and other related experiences.


Fax Online with Updated Security Reinforcements

When sending a fax online directly from an Android device, iPhone or iPad, admins can now configure fax deletion options for zero retention, so files can be deleted immediately after successful delivery. This is very useful for organizations that are required to comply with strict data management security policies. Keep track of transmissions with an event log tab that offers advanced traceability for a complete fax audit.


Streamline your Workflow

Once employees have the ability to use MFPs or their email to fax, organizations can rest easy knowing that sensitive documents won’t fall into the wrong hands and that productivity will get a boost thanks to features like auto populating cover pages, direct inbox fax delivery, and searchable PDFs.


Scalability for your Business Needs

XMediusFax On-Premises is a flexible fax solution that can scale up or down according to your business needs. We can easily scale from a 2 channel, single server solution to a 2000 channel distributed system with branch and disaster recovery support. Whatever your future requirements are – we’ve got you covered.


Secure Document Sharing on-the-go

XM Fax users can now send a mobile fax directly from their iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Our fax app is perfect for sending pictures of sensitive documents immediately upon signature from anywhere, at any time. The app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.


Choose the Secure Online Fax Solution
that Works for your Organization

XM Fax® On-Premises is available in three application optimized editions:

Express (X) Edition

Software-based FoIP solutions ideal for small-to-medium sized businesses that require secure online fax capabilities via desktop, email, and hardcopy faxing with compliance or legislation requirements.
XM Fax Express edition (PDF)

Enterprise (EE) Edition

Software-based for medium-to-large sized businesses requiring cost-effective business process integrations, advanced application integrations, and advanced monitoring and reporting tools.
XM Fax Enterprise Edition (PDF)

Service Provider (SP) Edition

Software-based FoIP solutions for organizations that require redundant solutions, mission critical environments, or who host solutions for multiple organizations.
XM Fax Service Provider edition (PDF)