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Recognition and awards

The XMedius team makes an effort every day to create and deliver quality products and services in the most sustainable way. While we’re proud of our accomplishments as a global business and local community, it’s gratifying when third parties also recognize our efforts.

XMedius and its employees have received significant recognition in different areas. Our work in these areas plays a vital role in our company values and business operations. The challenges we seek to resolve are complex, and we will continue to set the bar higher and make further progress in our corporate social responsibility.

The following awards demonstrate external recognition and acknowledgement of XMedius and its employee initiatives worldwide.

January 2017
XMedius President, Jean Champagne, Finalist for the 2017 Investment Québec CEO of the Year Award

The Investment Québec CEO of the year award is presented annually to CEOs who make an impact within the Québec Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. The contest has a careful selection process and we’re honored that our president, Jean Champagne, received a nomination.
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After a detailed validation process XM Fax On-Premises 8.0 achieved VMware’s highest level of endorsement and is supported on VMware vSphere® for production environments. The designation means that XM Fax On-Premises 8.0 has been certified to work in a virtualized infrastructure that helps customers lower project risks and realize cost savings over custom built solutions.
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December 2016
XM Fax 8.0 Achieves VMware ReadyTM Status

September 2016
XM Fax 8.0 Achieves Compatibility Certification with Cisco Solution Partner Program

The Cisco Solution Partner Program unites Cisco with third-party independent hardware and software vendors to deliver integrated solutions to joint customers. Achieving compatibility certification for XM Fax On-Premises 8.0 and becoming a preferred solutions partner has allowed XMedius to quickly create and deploy solutions to enhance the capabilities, performance and management of the network of a broader range of organizations of all sizes.
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XMedius was named the “PME en lumière” (Small Business of the Month) for the month of April 2016 by the Quebec Technology Association (AQT). The PME en lumière contest awards companies that stand out in the market through innovation. XMedius was chosen due to rapid progress in several areas, namely significant growth in revenue and number of employees.

April 2016
XMedius wins an award from the Quebec Technology Association (AQT)

August 2015
XMedius demonstrated the “most progress in going global,” with its secure, scalable and global solutions

Xerox® integrates XMedius solutions into several of its applications, enabling Xerox resellers and customers all over the globe to benefit from secure fax capabilities. XMedius was awarded the Business Partner of the Year Award by Xerox in 2015 after being recognized as the partner who made the “most progress in going global” the year prior.
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