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Paris, France (June 15th, 2016) – XMedius, a global leader in the field of secure document exchange solutions for businesses, today announces that Chausson Matériaux, one of the largest distributors of construction materials in France, has integrated XM Fax® to enhance its business processes. Chausson Matériaux needed a reliable, cost-effective and efficient Fax-over-IP solution that could easily be deployed in its network of 330 agencies.

XM Fax® is now an integral part of the Chausson Matériaux communications infrastructure, enabling the company to receive and transmit its thousands of trade documents every day. Faxes are sent and received without interruption from Chausson Matériaux employee’s workstation, thereby providing them more time to focus on business and production activities. Thanks to XM Fax®, the company was able to centralize its faxes, significantly improve transmission reliability and realize substantial operational savings.

“When the employees understood that they could abandon their old practices, it became easy to adopt the solution across the entire company. We are very satisfied with the performance, the reliability and the savings that XM Fax® has achieved for us,” said Mr. Lopez, Chausson Matériaux System Administrator.

XM Fax® caters to businesses of all sizes wishing to benefit from an integration of cost-effective business processes, an advanced applications integration, and cutting-edge monitoring and reporting tools.

About XMedius
XMedius is a leading global provider of enterprise-grade solutions for Secure Document Exchange. It allows companies to safely exchange vital and confidential information, either through on-premises or cloud deployments. Founded in 1996 the Company is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and operates in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.  XMedius counts more than 91 employees all over the world. With more than 13,000 live deployments, addressing SMBs, large Enterprises, and Service Providers, XMedius solutions address a wide spectrum of markets including finance, health, government, manufacturing, retail, legal, and education. For more information on XMedius and its solutions, visit xmedius.com and join the conversation on our blog at xmedius.com/en/blog/.

About Chausson Matériaux
Chausson Matériaux is the leading independent national construction materials supplier in France, with 90 years of experience and nearly 340 agencies in the service of building professionals. For more information about Chausson Matériaux, visit www.chausson-materiaux.fr.

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