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MONTREAL, November 14, 2018 — A partnership that began in September 2016 between XMedius and AVST took on momentum as the two companies grew closer with complementary visions, values, channel strategies, and technologies that just got better together. After merging in October 2017, the companies have aligned their businesses and, by the end of this year, AVST will be integrated into XMedius – officially joined together as one powerhouse.

Moving forward as XMedius, the combined companies will continue to tackle mission-critical communications in the healthcare, government, financial, education, and manufacturing sectors. XMedius remains committed to aiding businesses of all sizes with solutions that leverage existing IT investments to boost productivity, manage security and compliance issues, and scale both data and voice communications globally. The new XMedius will focus on broadening its offering for the channel and expanding their reach across the globe with local touch points. The XMedius network of skilled solution providers – combined with a portfolio of secure, enterprise-class data and voice solutions – will chart a course for migration to future technologies.

Jean Champagne, President and CEO of XMedius, stated “By providing comprehensive, enterprise communication solutions, we enable companies to focus on their core business. We take care of mission-critical IT processes that, if left untouched, would be crippling to their business.”

With over 20 million users and 50,000 installations worldwide, the newly combined company has a notable footprint and a foundation that is poised to become a springboard for solid and stable growth. Secure communications is one of the key drivers of this growth as businesses tune their operations to provide a greater level of privacy and meet an expanding range of compliancy requirements – including GDPR. Additionally, as enterprises evaluate what IT solutions should move to the cloud, a hybrid approach is emerging as a common choice. With a hybrid cloud approach, the need for interoperability is critical and requires the expertise of companies like XMedius who excel at providing solutions for on-premises, private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid deployments.

Jean Champagne also commented on how the newly combined company takes great satisfaction in providing different solutions that solve similar IT challenges. “Our channel partners and resellers are a key ingredient in enabling our solutions to deliver the full potential of our technology. The combination of XMedius’ market-leading product portfolio and our experienced, skilled employees paired with our channel partners’ technical and vertical industry expertise provides a differentiated solution that meets the needs of a broad customer base. Together, we provide an edge that ups the ante and keeps customers ahead of the pack.”

Proving that the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts, the new XMedius stands ready to lead enterprise communications forward. To learn more, please visit www.xmedius.com.


About XMedius

XMedius is a global leader in the field of enterprise communications solutions. Its suite of enterprise-grade on-premises and cloud communications solutions enable businesses to benefit from secure and unified communication, as well as to exchange sensitive and confidential data that meets and exceeds industry regulatory compliance requirements. Based in Montreal (Canada), with offices in Seattle (USA) and Paris (France), the company serves businesses, enterprises and service providers through a global team of customer focused employees. Its solutions are deployed worldwide across a number of sectors, including education, finance, government, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and legal services. For more information about XMedius and its solutions, visit www.xmedius.com, and connect on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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