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Montreal, Canada (March 3, 2017) – XMedius, a leading global provider of Enterprise Secure File Exchange solutions, today announces the newest addition to its fax family. XM Fax® Hybrid adds new features to provide unlimited on-demand capacity and business continuity for end-users across a wide range of industries. It combines the renowned XM Fax On-Premises infrastructure with the additional support and flexibility of the cloud into a solution that requires no downtime to integrate.

“The functionality of our solutions portfolio continues to evolve at a rapid pace,” says Sébastien Boire-Lavigne, Executive Vice President and CTO of XMedius. “XM Fax Hybrid has been optimized to provide high availability, disaster recovery, and automatic failover to the cloud so that organizations can send faxes securely under any circumstances. We want to ensure business continuity for our fast-growing customer base.”

In addition to these core optimizations, XM Fax Hybrid comes with the added advantage of simplified deployment. It integrates seamlessly with any email platform, and requires no additional hardware. Within minutes, users will be able to send and receive secure faxes from their workstations, laptops, and mobile devices. For more information on XM Fax Hybrid, please visit our website at: https://www.xmedius.com/en/products/fax-solutions/#xmediusfax-hybrid

About XMedius
XMedius is a global leader in the field of secure file exchange for businesses. Its on-site and cloud-based software solutions enable businesses to exchange sensitive and confidential data in a secure manner. Founded in 1993 and based in Montreal (Canada), the company operates in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific rim. With more than 13,000 deployments in SMEs, large enterprises and service providers, XMedius solutions are present in many markets, including the financial, health, government, manufacturing, retail, legal services and education sectors. For more information about XMedius and its solutions, visit www.xmedius.com.


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