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MONTREAL, QC, Canada – July 5, 2017 — XMedius, a global leader in the field of secure document exchange solutions for businesses, announced today that it opened its Canadian data centers on June 22nd. The new centers, located in Montreal and Toronto, are designed to provide a resilient, secure and local hosting environment for the mission-critical data of its growing Canadian customer base. In addition, the capacity provided by the new centers addresses the rapidly growing demand across the country for XM Fax® Cloud, XMedius’ cloud-enabled enterprise hosting solution.

“This new expansion reflects our commitment to making secure and reliable cloud-hosting services accessible to the Canadian market, and to provide regulation compliant and enterprise-grade quality solutions that are unsurpassed in the industry”, said Sebastien Boire-Lavigne, Executive VP and Chief Technology Officer at XMedius.

The data centers provide businesses with additional capacity to run critical applications on the cloud, and provide faster network speed to improve performance. The centers meet the rigorous physical, logical, process, and management controls required to achieve the highest security standards, and meet all tier 3 requirements.

“The explosive growth of enterprise cloud computing in Canada is being driven by a diverse range of organizations, from healthcare institutions and government bureaus to legal and financial services enterprises. What these organizations have in common is a pressing need for a reliable solution to send and receive faxes easily and securely through the cloud,” Mr. Boire-Lavigne added. “XM Fax Cloud delivers all the benefits of an on-premises fax server without the upfront capital expenditure and fax-related costs.”

XM Fax Cloud strictly adheres to regulatory and compliance policies by offering secure protocols for fax transmission, as well as tools and automation mechanisms to process, manage, backup, track and distribute documents required to demonstrate control and transparency.

About XMedius

XMedius is a global leader in the field of secure file exchange for businesses. Its on-site and cloud-based software solutions enable businesses to exchange sensitive and confidential data in a secure manner. Founded in 1993 and based in Montreal (Canada), the company operates in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific rim. With more than 14,000 deployments in SMEs, large enterprises and service providers, XMedius solutions are present in many markets, including the financial, health, government, manufacturing, retail, legal services and education sectors. For more information about XMedius and its solutions, visit www.xmedius.com.

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