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Major software release enriched with security reinforcements, an improved user experience, and on-premises deployment

Montreal, Canada (September 7th, 2017) – XMedius, a leading global provider of Enterprise Secure File Exchange solutions, announced today the release of XM SendSecure® 2.0, its revolutionary secure file exchange software, now updated with additional security, usability, and integration features. The application is also being released in an on-site deployment version, XM SendSecure On-Premises®, an ideal solution for organizations who wish to keep control over data ownership and location.

SendSecure was designed to allow the ephemeral exchange of sensitive and confidential files of all types (document, audio, video) of up to 5TB ea. All communications are encrypted using the TLS 1.2 protocol (with continuous confidentiality). Files are encrypted using the 256-bit AES encryption algorithm both in transit and at rest. All file exchanges require double authentication by the recipient using a simple password generated by the software once a SafeBox is created. Once an exchange is completed, SendSecure automatically deletes shared files based on predefined retention policies and creates a non-reputable audit report attesting to all the exchanges between parties. The solution integrates seamlessly with Outlook (Office 365), allowing the transmission of files directly from a user’s inbox. It is also possible to share files from a secure website. Recipients do not require any hardware or software in order to download files. New features found in SendSecure 2.0 include:

  • Secure Links: allows administrators and users to create a URL that can be distributed to anyone to initiate a SafeBox for secure inbound generated exchanges of files and messages
  • Security Profile Per User/Group: gives administrators the flexibility to assign higher or lower security and accessibility profiles to a particular user or department within their organization.
  • Built-in Antivirus Protection: files being uploaded to a SafeBox will automatically be scanned for potential threats. If a virus is detected within a file, it won’t be added to a SafeBox
  • Improved Outlook Integration: including 32 and 64-bit support, additional language support, upload progress bars, and the option to enable/disable the message summary saved in Sent Items

“As the SendSecure user base grows, we’ve seen how it can improve workflows, reduce costs, and enable compliance across the healthcare, finance, education, legal, and government sectors,” said Jean Champagne, President and Chief Executive Officer at XMedius. “SendSecure 2.0’s robust security and usability features provide an extremely trustworthy alternative to traditional methods of exchanging sensitive information. Rules of governance and compliance regulations are growing increasingly stringent, and organizations must be equipped with tools to protect theirs and the public’s sensitive data – we’re seeing that the SendSecure solutions are just that tool.”

About XMedius

XMedius is a global leader in the field of secure file exchange for businesses. Its on-site and cloud-based software solutions enable businesses to exchange sensitive and confidential data in a secure manner. Founded in 1993 and based in Montreal (Canada), the company operates in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific rim. With more than 14,000 deployments in SMEs, large enterprises and service providers, XMedius solutions are present in many markets, including the financial, health, government, manufacturing, retail, legal services and education sectors.

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Vice President, Marketing and Communications