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The new XM Fax®-Ricoh ESA connector enables users to fax documents directly from their Ricoh multifunction products.

MONTREAL, Canada (May 20th, 2014) – Sagemcom, a global leader in advanced fax server solutions for IP networks since 2002, is proud to announce the successful integration of the XM Fax solutions with a new connector for Ricoh Multifunction Products (MFPs) that are compatible with Ricoh Embedded Software Architecture (ESA) and certified by Ricoh.

The XM Fax Ricoh ESA Connector 11.0 enables compatible Ricoh MFP users to send fax by using XM Fax On-Premise or XM Fax Cloud solutions. Users will benefit from fax server features such as: managing multiple fax recipients, creating fax cover sheets and accessing personal phone books. The user interface is also now available in 7 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

The new connector features an editable fax option that allows users to modify sending re-tries notification settings and priority for faxes being sent. In addition, Ricoh’s users can customize the display on their MFP to either a normal or a simplified interface when composing a fax. The normal interface shows all the fax options, while the simplified interface displays only the fax number field to enable quick and easy faxing.

“We are delighted to announce the release of our new XM Fax Ricoh Connector ESA developed for Ricoh Multifunction Products. The combination of our XM Fax software with Ricoh multifunction devices create an enriched faxing solution for today’s businesses, helping professionals from a wide range of industries”, stated Jean Champagne, General Manager of Sagemcom Canada.

The XM Fax Ricoh ESA Connector allows users to improve the efficiency of their document transmissions, while extending the faxing capabilities on the same device used for printing, scanning and copying. Sagemcom’s solution when implemented with Ricoh MFPs
enables fax delivery directly to authenticated recipient inboxes allowing organizations to be regulatory compliant by securely sending sensitive information.


French high-technology group with an international dimension, Sagemcom operates on markets of broadband (digital home, digital set-top box, broadband and residential terminals), telecom and energy (telecommunications infrastructure, smartgrid and metering), and management of documents (printing terminals, software and solutions, digital production workflow). With a turnover of about 1.3 billion Euros, Sagemcom employs 4 600 people on five continents; already a European leader in most of its key markets, Sagemcom aims to become a world leader in high added value communicating terminals. Sagemcom is strongly committed to sustainable development through the life cycle of its products: eco-design, energy consumption, ethical code of all its suppliers.

For more information: www.xmediusfax.sagemcom.com


Ricoh is a global technology company specializing in office imaging equipment, production print solutions, document management systems and IT services. Headquartered in Tokyo, Ricoh Group operates in about 200 countries and regions. In the financial year ending March 2014, Ricoh Group had worldwide sales of 2,236 billion yen (approx. 21.7 billion USD).

The majority of the company’s revenue comes from products, solutions and services that improve the interaction between people and information. Ricoh also produces award-winning digital cameras and specialized industrial products. It is known for the quality of its technology, the exceptional standard of its customer service and sustainability initiatives.

Under its corporate tagline, imagine. change., Ricoh helps companies transform the way they work and harness the collective imagination of their employees.

For more information, please visit: www.ricoh.com


Media Inquiries – Sagemcom

Julie Lortie