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  • Why Partner With Us?

    Industry-Leading Solutions in an Expanding Market Niche

    At XMedius we recognize the value of partnerships and understand that the success of our business can be enhanced by collaborating with dynamic and innovative organizations. We offer prospective business and technology partners worldwide the opportunity to leverage our industry leading Fax expertise to maximize their document management and communications offerings. Our goal is to develop and maintain lasting relationships with key market players to drive business growth for all parties.
  • Why Fax?

    Fax is Still a Growth Market

    • While the fax market in general has plateaued, the global market for Fax over IP servers is expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 10.2%. *
    • With Software-based solutions growing from $217 million in 2012 to $369 million in 2017, fax is a niche market that continues to provide excellent revenue opportunity. *

    *Fax over IP Server Markets: 2012-2017, Davidson Consulting, April 2013

    • Fax Is Still Relevant Today

      Ubiquitous and universal

      Every organization in the world has the capability to send/receive faxes. As such, most businesses still use fax to complete their mission critical business processes.


      In contrast to email, fax is recognized as a secure means to exchange business critical documents and confidential information.

      Legally Binding

      FoIP protocols require real-time, point-to-point communication with confirmation. Fax therefore meets legal requirements for security which further ensures the integrity of the faxed data.


      The T.38 protocol was engineered to overcome QoS issues associated with packetized (vs. analog) signalling, thus making it far more reliable than the legacy T.30 protocol when operating in a Voice-over-IP environment.


      XMediusFAX® keeps a complete audit trail of everything the system does with a fax, allowing you to generate a compliant audit trail for any fax transaction.
    • An Essential Market Need


      Regulations like HIPAA, SOX, and PCI impose restrictions on how information must be exchanged and stored in a way that favors migration from a traditional fax machine to a fax server or a fax service. The XMediusFAX® server keeps a record of everything the system does with a particular document providing a compliant audit trail.

      Migration to VoIP

      Migrating from a TDM to a VoIP-based telecom introduces complexities in signaling that analog fax protocols cannot deal with well. Faxing reliability is severely impacted. However, XMediusFAX® uses T.38, a protocol specifically designed to overcome the QoS issues introduced by Voice-over-IP and SIP-based telephony services.


      Reduction in hardware and hardware maintenance, consolidation of telephone resources, and increased user efficiencies all contribute to a fast ROI.
  • Fax Is Our Business

    In 2002, XMedius innovated and became the first company to develop and market a Fax over IP solution with XMediusFAX®. Our FoIP solutions support the secure and standardized T.38 Fax-over-IP and G.711 fax pass-through protocols and bring you the fastest and most reliable fax technology available today.

    • Business

      • A solid brand, which attracts and retains customers with on premise and cloud fax over IP solutions
      • Profitable company with a strong balance sheet
      • Competitive profit margins to increase your bottom line
      • Best-in-industry partner programs, tools, and training for sales, marketing and support from the XMedius team dedicated to ensuring your success
      • Gain a competitive advantage by leading and shaping the market with continuous product innovation, education, thought leadership and highly reliable solutions
      • Established credibility with numerous well-known global partners
      • 13,000 + installations of XMediusFAX®
      • 3 billion pages of fax handled every year on the XMediusFAX® based fax infrastructures
      • 3,000 + customers under multi-year support contracts.
    • Technology

      Incomparable Compatibility

      XMediusFAX® can be part of a unified communication ecosystem and integrate seamlessly with many leading solutions. XMediusFAX® can also be connected to legacy phone systems giving you peace of mind and the flexibility to upgrade your phone system on your terms. Our compatibility with multifunction devices and ERP systems makes XMediusFAX® a core component of your communications infrastructure.

      Rock-solid Reliability

      As a pioneer of IP fax solutions, XMediusFAX® has established a highly credible and reliable fax platform for many organizations.

      Stunning Scalability

      XMediusFAX® is an open and distributed fax platform, supporting up to 300 simultaneous fax transmissions per server node and more than 2000 simultaneous fax transmissions by combining multiple server nodes into a single system handling high fax volume.

      Alcatraz-level Security

      XMediusFAX® security capabilities utilize industry standards of the highest levels in order to deal with confidential and sensitive documents.

      Die-hard Survivability

      XMediusFAX® provides survivability through their unique built-in High-Availability (synchronous replication with automated failover) and Disaster Recovery (asynchronous replication) which ensure the integrity and availability of your fax data.

      Elegant Simplicity

      XMediusFAX® was built for simplicity to ensure the shortest learning curve for both administrators and standard fax users.

      Outstanding Service

      XMediusFAX® offers a full suite of services: installation, training, professional services, as well as responsive and knowledgeable technical support.
  • Technology Partners

    We work with a number of technology partners to enhance the value of their offerings by delivering best-in-class secure document exchange solutions. Our technology partners include major IP Telephony & Collaboration vendors and Multi-Functional Printer manufacturers.

    For IP & UC vendors – Integrate XMediusFAX® On-Premises and Cloud-based solutions into your VoIP offerings to enhance your Unified Collaboration strategy. XMediusFAX® comes with a complete set of API’s that enable simple yet elegant integrations with any telephony and/or UC solution.

    For MFP vendors – Fax-Enabling MFPs using our XMediusFAX® vendor-specific connectors will strengthen your return on investment, while enhancing security and producing an audit trail that is key to regulatory compliance. Plus, XMediusFAX® is the most eco-friendly fax server solution available. Stand apart from your competition by offering integrated fax as a cost effective and value-added service to MFP customers!

    Our partners

  • Business Partners

    At XMedius, helping our partners reach their goals is Job #1. We are committed to learning the business model of our partners; First, we take the time to understand their business objectives and the needs of their customers. Then, we build and execute on strategy focused solely on those needs. XMedius’s market focus not only ensures that you maintain and extend your leadership in SMB, Enterprise, and Fortune 1000 companies across a wide range of vertical business sectors, but also ensures your organization is positioned to take advantage of newer markets such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP), Unified Communications (UC), and Enterprise Content Management (ECM).
  • Becoming a Partner

    At XMedius, the success of your business is our primary focus. As part of our commitment to our partners, we take the time to understand how your business runs, what your sales objectives are, and what your customers need. We strongly believe that our partners are the best ambassadors of our brand and solutions. As a result, we are firmly committed to the growth of our collaborative business and we are convinced that together, we can extend our market reach, increase customer adoption and stay well ahead of the competition.

    8 great reasons to partner with XMedius

    If you are interested in becoming a Partner or simply would like to refer your clients to XMedius, complete the Partnership Contact Form or call us at 1-888-766-1668.

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