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Our partners

At XMedius, we recognize the value of partnerships and understand that the success of our business can only be enhanced by collaborating with dynamic and innovative organizations.
XMedius’ partner network includes some of the world’s leading technology providers and businesses, placing us in the unique position to address the secure file exchange needs of organizations worldwide.

Technology partners

We work with a number of industry-leading technology partners to enhance their offerings with best-in-class secure file transfer solutions. Our technology partners include system integrators, cloud solution resellers, IP telephony & collaboration vendors, and Multi-Functional Printer (MFP) manufacturers.

Microsoft Partner

IP & UC resellers

Integrate On-Premises and Cloud-based solutions into your VoIP offerings to enhance your Unified Collaboration strategy. XMediusFAX comes with a complete set of API’s that enable seamless integration with any IP telephony and/or UC solution.


IT partners

Individual, small and large businesses that build computing systems for clients by combining hardware and software products from multiple vendors such as XMedius. We also work with cloud service reseller who often are systems integrators who manage the deployment of multiple cloud services purchased through multiple vendors as per example XMedius or a value-added reseller (VAR) who sells, installs, maintains and services a cloud appliance located on the customer’s premises.


MFP vendors

By fax-enabling MFPs using our XMediusFAX vendor-specific connectors, you’ll strengthen your return on investment, while enhancing security and producing an audit trail that is key to regulatory compliance.

Business partners

At XMedius, we’re dedicated to helping our partners reach their goals. We take the time to consider our partner’s business models and customer needs, and develop a strategy to ensure that those needs are met.

XMedius’ market focus not only ensures that you maintain and extend your leadership position in SMB, Enterprise, and Fortune 1000 companies across a wide range of vertical business sectors, but also ensures your organization is positioned to take advantage of newer markets such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP), Unified Communications (UC), cloud solutions and Enterprise Content Management (ECM).


Our 2016 partners of the year

Xerox Corporation
Enabling Technologies Corp.
Internetwork Engineering
Apogee Corporation

Why become an XMedius partner?

As a world leading provider of on-premises fax and cloud-based fax solutions, XMedius has a proven track record of successful partnerships with hardware and software companies in order to provide the best secure file transfer solutions available. Our enterprise grade solutions are a perfect fit for resellers, ISVs, and other businesses who sell solutions to customers with fax and secure file transfer needs. We’re always on the lookout for new partnership opportunities and new ways to delight our customers.

  • Increase your market share with more opportunities. Connect with XMedius salespeople and resellers.
  • Grow strategically with our robust portfolio of fax technology solutions
  • Benefit from technical and strategic help from our dedicated team with fax expertise
  • Gain access to resources like our comprehensive learning center, tech support, and professional services group

Interested in becoming an XMedius fax technology partner? We’d love to hear from you!